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  1. @Teknetinium , you don't want this to happen to all the jets do you ? It's already bad enough the F14 and Mirage have this ECM blinking thing. Why do you want the FC airplanes to be able to blink to ? Am i misinterpreting your comment ?
  2. So how does this work in laymans terms ? How does the F14 RWR distinguish a friendly aircraft from an enemy aircraft in a multiplayer server where some aircraft are in both sides ??
  3. I was talking about the members in this thread. Not a peep from them about such a pretty serious bug, but enough "make chaff 0" comments though even though the chaff REALLY isn't an issue for the phoenix. Talk about bias ...
  4. I don't think i've ever seen a phoenix go for chaff since a year or so, at least not more than 0.1 seconds. Even if it seems to go for chaff for that split second it will go back on course right after. Notching the actual missile itself is also pretty hard for some reason (maybe desync or the high velocity). If you don't notch the plane radar before missile goes active you're in trouble best bet is to run the missile into the ground. Thing is, when you look at your RWR missile is perfectly on 9-3, and then when you look in tacview missile is nowhere near 9-3 . I honestly don't know
  5. amraams go nom nom nom. Like pacman.
  6. Well it works. The sharpening not so much as it gives me these sort of vertical beams, but the color saturation works very good !
  7. Is this still the earlier bug when phoenixe's would never give an active warning when fired in TWS , basically being 100% stealth missiles ? Or is this a new bug ? How would this look like in the other plane ? I imagine you'd see : 1) RWR (14) (looking at you) 2) RWR lock warning (STT lock) 3) RWR lock warning goes away (but you'd still be secretely STT locked ??!) 4) Do you still get an active warning from the missile itself 0.1 seconds before death or not ?
  8. hmm no i have not seen this. Thx for the tip i will try it out tonight for sure
  9. yes it can look down somewhat but don't all radars look better up ?
  10. Yes but wasn't this '32 seconds thing' regarding the hornet a bug or something ? Because on some discords you are not even allowed to discuss this 'feature' as they clearly see it as an abusable bug. Also i think you may be expecting too much of the first implementation of TWS. I mean even in the F16 tracks get lost all the time for no apparent reason, this is even MUCH worse in a busy multiplayer environment and i would not be surprised if this happens in real life as well. If your target starts to do drastic evasive manouvres it seems normal that you might lose the track especi
  11. @Triggerjo23 What do you mean the aim120 will re-aqcuire ? If track is lost before the aim120 goes active the missile is just wasted. It doesn't even go active so i'm not sure what you mean ? And about "fixing TWS" issues ? Not sure if this is what you mean but from the thread below it seems that the awg-9 radar does not use ´velocity gating´ and is missing some gimball , and in all fairness it does look a bit ´dated´. I'm not hating (!) but i'm just curious what you expect from the TWS.
  12. [quote=dundun92]Or maybe you just dont know employ them properly?[/quote] Yes Dundun92 that's probably it.
  13. I'm beginning to think that ED intentionally 'nerfed' the aim120 hard because pressure from russia or something . It's not just the chaff, the whole last part of the guidance is completely bonkers. I've been watching a lot of tacviews and it's actually like they intentionally miss. ? Even when there is no chaff. They will actually TRY to fly around the target , and it doesn't matter how fast they're going. Mach 2, mach 3 ... You only really have a shot on a slightly manouvring target from within 10 miles. Anything outside 10 miles means the missile trying extra hard to do som
  14. You laugh but this actually happened in 2013 (NOT VKB BY THE WAY!!!) https://www.hltv.org/news/10629/esea-caught-in-bitcoin-scam
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