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  1. In that Mission I simply tune to the radio on the ground. Tuning the return leg beacon is tricky as a lone wolf crew but it can be done as you still have partial control of the plane even in the Nav seat.
  2. I would say diehard is in the job description of any ww2 pilot. Kill the other guy and don’t die. Diehard one is the best one imho. Now I have a Mk108 cannon HO-HO-HO
  3. There’s a handful on the user files section. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/search/?tags=Mosquito FB Mk. VI
  4. Not sure if this has been asked before but a separate set of control binds for the navigator would good, think similar to Jester or Petrovich. At the minute for example if I set a rotary dial for gunsight brightness as the pilot I cannot use the same rotary to tune the radio as navigator. Being able to use some binds again as navigator would really help out.
  5. I made a simple mission where you tune to a radio tower and use the direction finding to home in. As you get closer it switches from music to Hitler giving a broadcast. When you bomb the tower or buildings attached it cuts the broadcast. It’s an homage to the raid by Mossies that shut Goering up. You can then tune to other frequencies that are pumping out morse code and fly home.
  6. Exactly, any forced movement is a no no in VR. When I first get in the seat I adjust my view so it looks like I’m as far over to the right armrest as possible and as you said when I need to shoot/aim I just lean over and in slightly.
  7. Well you won’t spot much looking out the left or right window without them. You would also be easier to spot. In reality your natural night vision wouldn’t kick as the light would ruin it. There’s some good examples in the book terror in the starboard. The pilot kicks of because the navigators flash light is way to bright. So he tapes it’s aperture smaller and smaller but the pilot still complains. By the end he has only a pin prick of light to look at his charts. The NF paint schemes are cool for sure.
  8. I’ve had no problems bombing. Clear Perspex open. Double bar switch at top of bomb panel down. Select the store you want (down) select fuze nose or tail (down) press pickle. The Perspex must stay open throughout. Hope this helps.
  9. As the title says adding exhaust shrouds in the mission editor kind of like the flare gun or MW50 in the 109. It would add more options for us. At the minute at dusk you are blinded by the exhausts.
  10. There are some cool mosquitos out there from model makers that show this.
  11. Ok I checked and yes VR controls work but felt janky to me. I could click but was unsure how unclick things, for example I could open the window but want sure how to close it again. Maybe I needed to bind the buttons? The hand orientation felt off to though that maybe just the Valve hand controllers, I didnt test Vive wands. I still think you would be better off with a cheap joystick and using mouse to click on buttons.
  12. You are correct. It still shows that they did all sorts of tasking. 627 did fly MK VI albeit only one.
  13. I mean I have managed it in the video above, the left engine is in flames and feathers. I just can’t put out the fire. Another guy I fly with has managed it after taking AA from a U boat and limped home on one in a multiplayer session. I see lots of people posting though so something is off.
  14. I remember this for NMS pretty clever but it’s not gonna replace a hotas I suppose it could maybe work DCS. I will check at sometime today with VR controls and let you know for sure.
  15. Definitely, the first thing I do is sit up, lean forward and left then hit reset view.
  16. I wonder if it’s bugging out sometimes or if certain damage wrecks the ability to do it? Early days hopefully the kinks get worked out. o7
  17. I would love it but I’d rather have better voices first. Nothing yanks ( no pun ) me out of the cockpit faster than the “Copy” voice.
  18. Do you mean with VR controls? Or just the VR headset using a hotas? I haven’t tried the Mosquito with VR controls ( or many planes at all ) the SU25 definitely can be interacted/flown with VR controls so I’m guessing the Mossie can too as it has a fully clickable ( and gorgeous) cockpit in VR and non VR. If you are intending to use VR controls I would say buy even a cheap stick over that. I could probably drive my car with boxing gloves on but man it ain’t gonna be fun.
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