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  1. More Storm of War fun. If anyone’s on the fence about warbirds, jump in with both feet you won’t regret it. The SoW discord is also full of a good bunch who are happy to help. https://discord.gg/whjKGmPz
  2. An after action report from JG 53. https://jg53.myportfolio.com/after-action-reports
  3. Agreed, if you can’t low level bomb in the Mossie it takes the wind right out it’s sail.
  4. Did a quick test to see what the 109 can do against the new units and I think the quad aa is bugged as invincible. nothing would knock it out, not even a 500kg on his head. In the end i got so brazen i clipped it and that was the only time it lit on fire. All other units took damage from cannon and mg but quad aa did not register a single hit of damage. So I ran the test with an A10c and it took about 400 rounds of 30mm before i could get it on fire which makes it tougher than a T55.
  5. Dusty44


    Now that APKWS is in DCS what are the chances of it getting added to the AV8b? I'm sure I read something somewhere many moons ago saying it would be considered if it ever got added.
  6. Agreed. I fly on a server where MW50 is restricted due to date. The airframe now shakes when above 2400rpm 1.35 ata. Even with no MW50 I should be able to run 2600rpm 1.45 ata for 30 mins. The shaking is minor but in VR especially. I’m a dead duck without speed.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DG_r7NKt9eAdeK0wpRffG2R9K9wJLJ2h/view?usp=sharing Track with bombers not shooting.
  8. Bug still there and its not just ground units. I intercepted a group of bombers and none of them fired back at me. I even took off from Lessay and flew to an enemy airfield and landed. Nothing shot at me no AA, no ships and no ground units. My track files seem to big to post.
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