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  1. 250 Rounds was the max loadout for the GScha-30-2K. In the weaponsystem was no more space. We used the P Version also in the NVA in East Germany. So we have the official Information about that and a good webside in german about Helos as a weapon system and the training of pilots and lots more. It is a great storage from the past. The best Info Guide about the Details of the Mi-2, Mi-8 und MI-24 and KA koaxial rotor technics. https://www.nva-flieger.de/ Sorry about the german language. But they have to learn russian and not english. The best Book about the Mi-24 in english and german was
  2. Sorry Blackpixxel i subscripe the split in more than one object and a range about a few kilometer between them. But it is not correct, that the FPS dropped only by the MIniguns of the Huey. It is the same with the russian Gunpods in burst mode. We know that since a long time. The problem is the gameengine. But you a right in case the Huey with the autogunner makes it a little bit more laggy. Every time somebody is firing the engine have to check on the ground and in the air, what was hit or damaged. I would say every engine like DCS or Arma 3 with a real ballistic had that same problem.
  3. is there any information for Mission 19 about the logistic section on the captured airfield?
  4. Got dutycall, systemfailure. i have to work on Teamview. Sorry. I send a reserve pilot to teamspeak
  5. We fly a few hour and a lot of things works fine. Yeah there are some issue with the weapon system but that is a big step forward. Good work and go ahead with it.
  6. same here ordered 24.7. Module is up but greyed out and i shall pay for it
  7. NightStalker63


    Good Morning in Europe. I have a problem using the I-16. After buying the Module i can not fly it. I only can use it as AI Plane in the Editor. The Installation seems correct because it is listed in the installed Modules. There is now errormessage or a Message about not activated. Is it a Problem of the last Open Beta Update from yesterday? When i use the Quick Options the setup the plane in the air or on the ground there is no plane visible or an error Message. greetings Andi
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