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  1. Right. I guess I assumed OP wanted to increase the sound so it's easier to tell whether the AB is lit.
  2. Does the Hornet Sound mod affect in-cockpit sounds? Thought it was just external sounds. I imagine the OP is looking for better indication of using AB while flying.
  3. I'd be curious as to why the left eye is used anyway, instead of the right. Considering most people are right eye dominant, I don't know why you would.
  4. It appears that the mirror on my monitor is the mirror of my left eye in my rift. I could be mistaken but after watching a couple of my recording tests, it appears that way. Being right eye dominant - the HUD is off-center and looks odd. Is it possible to switch which eye is displayed?? Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. Looking for a USTZ wingman to fly some missions and various flight ops with. Will work into blueflag ops if you're up to it. Looking for someone who flys late (I have a 2 year old so when I get the chance to fly, it is usually after 8pm Eastern) I'm looking to create well-edited youtube content, so hoping for good radio comms and whatnot. No problem if you're not a pro in DCS. I'm by no means an expert, so long as you're willing to fly and learn, it should be fun. Fun being the keyword. Hoping to base most of my content off the hornet but I have a few other modules as well. Send me a
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