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  1. I think that you are right mate, and that's exactly why I don't use that functionality and just use different bindings for VAICOM and SRS. Having to say 'switch' to speak over SRS is really annoying, just imagine in an contested battlefield how crazy would that be.
  2. @hornblower793It worked! It seems that VAICOM was using the DCS folder, not the DCS.openbeta. Actually I think that all my third parties app were using that folder so I deleted DCS.openbeta, went to DCS folder, deleted the Export.lua, made SRS create it with its correspondent line, added the line for DCS UFC and then I went to VAICOM settings tab. I selected the manual saved games path. put the slider on openbeta, and it is working great. Thanks!
  3. Thanks again! I have noticed that I have two saved games folders DCS and DCS.openbeta. Which one should I use? I use Open Beta.
  4. Thanks, I'll try. But I guess I should then install again SRS and DCS UFC for Android as they use the export.lua as well right?
  5. Are you guys having troubles with the A-10C II? When I start this aircraft with VAICOM active the INTERCOM F10 menu will pop-up every 5 seconds even though I'm not pushing anything. Any clue? Thanks,
  6. Yes, I have tested with the included missions for the Hornet for unguided bombing both in Caucasus and Persian Gulf with the same result.
  7. Yeah, and especially taking into account that I have dozens of hours in the F-18C and in the A-10C this was my first CCIP bombing run. And I mean, my VERY first.
  8. So I have been testing more, I even tested setting the mission date on 1985 to force GPS off but with the same results. Tried also the default dumb bombing mission in Caucasus with the very same result, 4 drops and none hit. Now, jump into the A-10C and you can consistently destroy small units with Mk. 82s. Also please note that it was my first time doing CCIP bombing with the A-10C (I know, I have to practice more) but even in that case, I am hitting the targets without issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fX_FDQ80R8&feature=youtu.be If this is inte
  9. Solved it! The saved games folder solution proposed above didn't work either but decided to try one last thing: Open DCS and go to modules manager. Deactivate and uninstall the module. Close DCS. Go to DCS/Mods folder and manually remove the folder. Start DCS again and you will be prompt with a message saying that you have the module available for install. Install and DCS will close and restart. Module should be available again. Thanks all!
  10. Good idea, maybe it is caused by VAICOM or SRS not being compatible with the new update for some reason. Or maybe a skin or whatever. I'll report back in a moment. Thanks again.
  11. Yeah, maybe it is the best. Or bite the bullet and reinstall DCS although it might not work. Thanks anyways!
  12. Thanks! But I don’t like mods so I don’t have any. I guess this is the authorisation error some are getting but I tried the workarounds proposed by @BIGNEWY without any luck.
  13. Thanks for stepping in buddy. Here you have.dcs.log
  14. Hi! My P-47 just disappeared after the last update. It is not even showing up in the bottom bar (you know, where there's the icons for all modules and you have in grey the ones you don't have and coloured the ones you do) at all. Not present in the control binding list or mission list either. It is present in the module manager though, and showing as installed. I tried to uninstall and install again and nothing. I'm in Open Beta by the way. It is not the authorisation error as I'm not getting any error message but I tried some workarounds for it anyways without any luck
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