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  1. Hey guys! Is there any way to stop GeForce Experience to detect SRS as a game? Sometimes SRS 'steals' GeForce Experience from DCS. Thanks!
  2. Hi! When I issue the JESTER OPTIONS command this is the result: Is it normal?
  3. Oh, I didn't know about that command that's great! Thanks man. EDIT: When I command JESTER, OPTIONS this is the result:
  4. Yeah, it is a deal breaker for me. Back to the wheel for Jester I guess.
  5. Hi all, I'm having issues with the map markers to steerpoint function while on Blue Flag server. First, I had the issue that the VoiceAttack command only supports up to Map Marker number 10 but the simple modification of the voice command writing 1...50 allowed me the use higher map marker numbers. However, on Blue Flag (haven't tried other servers), I put a Map Marker and let's say it is number 20. I issue the voice command, it is recognised by VoiceAttack, but then I have a text on screen saying there's only 8 map markers on the map. I thought it maybe tha
  6. That's the real issue here, the ground units in DCS are just HP pools like in an RPG game and it could be either dead, or alive with some states in between in some cases but always based on that HP pool. For instance (and I'm just making out these numbers), and SA-6 search radar will have it's radar inoperative when the HP pool down to 30%, not because you hit the radar antenna. You can hit the tracks of the vehicle and get it down to 30% and the radar will stop working even if you haven't hit it. This could work more or less acceptable, but the problem is with small warhead like t
  7. I can confirm it works! I tried in Hoggit first and Jester wasn't inputting any coordinate. Voiceattack detected the command, but Jester was doing nothing. My assigned map marker was 21 but it wasn't working with map marker 1 either. Then I tried single player and it worked great so the failure in Hoggit might be on my side. I'm quite new to the Tomcat and I could have missed something.
  8. By default, it only recognises up to the map marker number 10 which is no issue... if you are on single player. But in multiplayer you will have more than 10 almost for sure because other players will have placed theirs and your map marker number will stack up to other's. The other day, my map marker number in Blue Flag was 29 so there was no way to tell Jester to pick that one. However, one Discord user (is that you, @hornblower793?) tried editing the sentence in Voice Attack to Map Marker [1...10] to Map Marker [1...30] and it worked so I will try that fix.
  9. Yesterday I had issues in multiplayer when telling Jester to convert a map marker in a waypoint. I was in Blue Flag and the Map Marker had the number 29 assigned so I told him: "Map Marker 29 to Waypoint 1" without success. Then I checked the VAICOM manual and I noticed that the command is "Map Marker [1...10]...." does this mean that if the map marker has a higher number than 10 it won't be recognised? Also I had issues with "Set Ripple Quantity Step" as it wasn't recognising the command. I issued the show options for this command order and it showed 2 | 4
  10. Thanks for trying to help! I solved the issue. The problem was that the AIRIO voice command were not exported to the Voiceattack profile so I openend VAICOM, went to the editor tab, pushed the test button, and it that 400 orders were missing. Then I pushed the finish button and it copied the missing sentences to the clipboard, opened Voiceattack profile, double click in one of the AI commands, and copied them there. Save everything and it is now working great! Just wondering, how to I ask Jester to change between steerpoints?
  11. Hello, I'm trying to make AIRIO to work but Jester is just not responding and it seems Voiceattack is not recognising my commands. I checked the command list, and I don't anything related to Jester, it seems that the AIRIO commands are not there. I did the Export thing, but only adds TACAN and some other voice commands. Nothing related to start-up, etc. Am I missing something?
  12. Thanks! I'm new to the Mig-21 so I'm sure I'm doing many things wrong and for starters, I was doing more than one run. I will try to avoid that. Also yeah, I noticed that some Stingers were missing me when shooting to my face so I'll try to stay fast, drop ordinance and haul ass with as many flares as possible. Anyways, I noticed the Avengers are way more deadly than Strelas.
  13. I have a tactical question for you guys: How do you deal with the deadly Avengers in the Mig-21? I tried to pre flare, jink, cut throttle, etc. but they are all aspect and they always hit me in the face when trying to perform an strike run. Any tips?
  14. Hey! I've been learning the Mig-21 lately and it was time to try this server. I had a great time although those Avengers had even a greater time with me Congratulations to Alpenwolf, great fun server. Is there an official Discord for this server?
  15. Thanks @CrazyGman! I will try those. We did a mission in my group with the Mig-21 and Groms were great with unrealistic ASP but I would rather prefer the realistic option so I'll try your methods.
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