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  1. On Steam the A-10C II Upgrade is available for EUR 9,99 at the moment. It's the same price which I've paid immideately after release of the Tank Killer on 30th september 2020. I wouldn't wait with the purchase if you really plan to upgrade.
  2. Oh. I've checked if it is already reported, but didn't find. Sorry!
  3. Tested with F/A-18C and A-10C II at several frequencies (118.050 and 250.150). Track attached. FA-18C PG ATC QeshmIsland RadioIssue.trk A-10C II PG ATC QeshmIsland RadioIssue.trk
  4. Welcome to DCS! But you can also switch to a kind of arcade mode by changing certain options in the options/gameplay menu.
  5. I don't think so. The only view I know is the "Cargo Cam" (RCtrl+RShift+P by default), which porivides some support at picking up cargo.
  6. Where did you find this ship (map/coordinates)?
  7. Welcome to DCS @jeffreymg! I recommend you to start with the A-10C (II). The Warthog has a lot of systems and has access to a large arsenal of weapons. Once you've mastered the Hog, you can learn other modules like the F/A-18C or the F-16C fairly easily. See you in the air!
  8. Yes, it works. Change both trigger types to "4 MISSION START" and remove the condition "TIME MORE" from both triggers. I only had to replace the player's P-51 with the standard TF-51, because I don't own the P-51. Here is your corresponding adapted mission from above - just test it: RAT_TEST_rudel.miz
  9. Optionally you can set the trigger type to "4 MISSION START" without the condition "TIME MORE". This seems to force DCS to process the scripts sequential.
  10. Your mission file contains this (outdated) script: local yak=RAT:New("RAT_YAK") yak:Spawn(5) but you wanna have this one: local sp=RAT:New("RAT_SP") sp:SetDeparture("Gudauta") sp:Spawn(5) I had exactly the same issue (see a few posts above). Every time you make changes to the script, you have to re-open/reload the script via your trigger so that it is also updated in the .miz file. Follow the notes from @Rudel_chw:
  11. v1.3.0 hochgeladen: Shortcuts für die Änderung der ROE des Copiloten, linken Bordschützen und rechten Bordschützen hinzugefügt
  12. Sounds good, but provide your mission file (.miz), please. And consider this hint:
  13. Now, that I wouldn't have thought of! Many thanks for this hint @Rudel_chw! You made my day, RAT works great!
  14. Exactly. Existing missions are not affected, but you can improve your old missions with RAT if you wish.
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