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  1. I wish, we could revert to the old (not the previous one) forum! Especially I hate this for mobile devices optimized design in portrait format with giant fonts. Additionally I'm unable to edit old posts and consequently unable to service my checklists.
  2. Usually you won't need use the rudder. First of all I suggest to make you familiar with maintaining "On Speed AoA" in a free flight, watch this tutorial for instance: Then learn the steps for the correct approach, for example Finally use Bankler's Case 1 Recovery Trainer for (a lot of) practice. :smilewink:
  3. Great news: the flashlight for the A-10C (II) is available now - thx @ED! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...a/
  4. Auf Grund des neuen Features (Flashlight) beide Checklisten aktualisiert. Ach ja, falls hier ein Mod mitlesen sollte: Es wäre toll, wenn du den Forentitel bitte auf "A-10C und A-10C II: Checklisten für den Kaltstart" ändern könntest.
  5. Loadout: AGM-65E on station 2, 3, 7 and 8 Master Arm: Arm Master Mode: A/G L-DDI: SMS OSB 06 [MAV]: press twice OSB 14 [uFC]: 1st press selects/boxes all four stations for code entry 2nd press selects/boxes station 2 3rd press selects/boxes station 3 4th press selects station 7, but boxes station 8 5th press selects station 8, but boxes nothing Track attached. The issue occurs also with a loadout of only 2 AGM-65E. FA-18C AGM-65E LaserEntryStationSelectionBoxIssue.trk
  6. Can anyone confirm this typo? According to the official data source of my tables the ID 320 is correct for the Admiral Kuznetsov(2017). EDIT: 320 is indeed the correct code for the Admiral Kuznetsov(2017) - already testet. No need to change the tables.
  7. JTAC hasn't been changed for a long time AFAIK. But if you mean JDAM TOO procedure, watch this:
  8. Are you sure that Windows assigns the Device IDs random? If so it's maybe easier to adopt the backed filenames to the new generated Device IDs - depending on the amount of installed modules.
  9. Danke! Genau das war meine Philosophie beim Erstellen der Checkliste. Ich verstehe nicht, wieso ED es nicht auf die Reihe bekommt, die Logik bei den Buttons/Switches der A-10C (II) zu vereinheitlichen. Bei der Hornet haben sie es ja auch (einigermaßen) hinbekommen: Rechtsklick = Switch nach oben, Linksklick = unten; Drehregler Rechtsklick im Uhrzeigersinn, Linksklick gegen den Uhrzeigersinn. Habe die Checkliste für die A-10C Warthog jedenfalls mal aktualisiert und eine neue für die A-10C II Tank Killer hochgeladen.
  10. If you want to save all input settings for all modules just backup the whole directory %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\ Or backup the complete %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\, if you plan to migrate to another PC.
  11. Thx for that hint! I've never heard about that functionality before.
  12. This issue should be reported with a trackfile in the bug section, if you're able to reproduce it. I just made the printable and kneeboard files based on the raw source delivered by ED (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p77yaLQJaUMbAIKJDKX5iMN5N5qm_Qqt_dJNyJjLQtw/edit#gid=0)
  13. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/terrains/nttr_terrain/
  14. ...oder eben das Missionsdatum für das gewünschte Muster anpassen. Die Option "Historical mode filter" sorgt für mehr Authentizität bei der Missionsplanung. 1980 gab's beispielsweise noch keine F/A-18C und im Jahr 2000 keine A-10C. Auszug aus dem Changelog für die Open Beta vom 15.07.2020:
  15. I just tried the same approach with the F-16C and additional with the A-10C and there was the same problem - no ILS signal at Incirlik RWY 21. Seems to be a map related issue. F-16C ILS Incirlik RWY 21.trk
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