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  1. tennek

    A-10c 2

    Since I have updated to the new version of the A-10c 2 I am having trouble with Vaicom Pro. I can contact the ground crew and get a response, but when I try the tower it shows on the voice attack log but it does not show my request nor does the tower respond. When I was using the previous version of A-10c everything worked fine. Any suggestions or any one else having this problem?
  2. Has anyone else noticed since the latest update in OB the accuracy of bombing has dropped off. I am using GBU-12s and the laser is not firing when sent up within the bomb. I then went to latching laser and while the laser is firing and latching the bomb still will not hit the target. These are falling quite a distance away The JDAMs also are not hitting the target they fall off target.
  3. A CMC file is used to map the controls to the Sim.
  4. Does anyone know of a cmc file and map for the UH-1Y? Kind of hard finding it since CH products does not have forums still. Thanks
  5. I am having trouble when I change to the HUD only view my screen goes black for a minute or two. Was wondering if anyone may know what would cause this?
  6. Not really sure how to do this since Black Shark is the only sim I have that I downloaded. How do I go about deactivating it so after I install Windows 7 I can reactivate it?
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