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  1. One more question, Since the last update of the stable we have the M134 gunners on the UH who don't want to shoot in many situations. Did you get feed back about that? It seem to be really often. We have perform one mission 1 week ago, and the gunners did not shoot (free fire) on vehicules, or soldier on ground (group of 5 Uh-1). Same issue few days ago, on the multitraining mission, the UH is unable to shoot at target on ground. If I edit the mission, tu set a soldier for exemple somewhere else on th map, the UH-1 will shoot. For exemple I do a test with on the right side of the UH an area with news target, and on the other side the targets we were using before the update. In the situation, the uh-1 only fire on the new target.... One more info: We have statics objetcs on ground nearby the old targets, and small farp Can you confirm your v1.0 was created using DCS 2.5? --> Not sure, I don't remember the date of the 2.7. It was created 1 year ago I think?
  2. Hi, No idea about how it get in initial version 1.0 .... I absolutly don't remember using the failure tool (It was the first time I saw this failure table, when looking to solve the issue). Same Answer for 2.2, this is mad. The only point that I can mention, is that we think that the first time the issue appear to us (at 2.1), Slyvenne just added a script on his dcs editor (so on an other computer) and save it at 2.1. Then I did edit some version before we realised something was wrong. I use stable, I think slyvenne too for editing? We have test again this CSAR script, and it don't seem to be the origine of the issue, as it is now re-included in the mission without issues.
  3. Here are the files, bug start a 2.0 if I remember well. multi training 06 V1.3.miz multi training 06 V1.4.miz multi training 06 V1.2.miz multi training 06 V1.1.miz multi training 06 V1.0.miz multi training 06 V1.5.miz multi training 06 V1.6.miz multi training 06 V1.7.miz multi training 06 V1.8.miz multi training 06 V1.9.miz multi training 06 V2.0.miz multi training 06 V2.52.miz multi training 06 V2.53 back up.miz multi training 06 V2.54.miz 2.2-2.5 with bug multi training 06 V2.2.miz multi training 06 V2.3.miz multi training 06 V2.4.miz multi training 06 V2.5.miz 2.53 was an 2.0 with modification so see if it work, same for 2.54 i think
  4. I mean in your answer: Look for ["enable"] = true occurences and replace them with ["enable"] = false with what dou you open it in this case?
  5. I am only using DCS editor to edit the mission. Which soft do you use to edit the mission file?
  6. Hi Flappie, I am playing in the same team than Slyvenne. I am the mapper. So after many check, regarding the failures, it seems that there is a bug in the editor... let me explain what I did: -I took the mission with ka50 failure, go to ka50 group to check failures and get this empty table: If I look at every aircraft on the airport, it is the same, I don't see the table with the failures. So I manage on a unique Uh-1 to change it to player then IA then player then "client" (multiplayeur). When I performe this, at a point, the failures table appear. I go back to the ka50, and the table is shown, I see no failures on, but I click the left bouton to set failures, then reset it with the right one, reset failures. On our last check after saving these changes, the ka50 did start perfectly. Just to confirm, we had never touch anything about failures from the begginning on the miz file... I keep you informed if we discover more about this....
  7. Thanks for your answer. With your config here is what I have: It is close to what I want, but I want to avoid this distortion on left and right screen. With this config, everything is leaning, You don't really see it in the picture but every thing seem to be zoom in a bit and leaning a 30°. I modified my file like this: Working but it is as shown above , on left and right screen I have an important angle moving when I look up or down.
  8. And one more question, is there a way to avoid this angle of view on left and right screen? I tried to set the config in one screen, I have no more angle like this but the images are poor quality and distorted
  9. Hi everyone, I am still trying to have the best screen configuration, and trying to understand how to make it work with 3 screens + a 4th one under the primary. First I tryied to make it work with 3 screens. What is strange is that this config is working good: But, when I try to set it with the real values, the Aspect is impossible to catch. It is always bad, When I set 2,0 , it is to narrow, when I set 1,9 it is to wide... I try to make it work this way, in order to be able later to have the game launch with this 3 screen plus one below the center one. But I want this one to be dark, in order to export MFCD. Can someone help me with that? Here are my screens: SCREEN 1 / SCREEN 2 / SCREEN 4 MFCD's Screen 1 1600*900 screen 2 1440*900 screen 4 1360*768 (but I will soon remplace it by a 1440*900) MFCDS 1024*768
  10. Hi, I am trying to use dsc with my dual screen as I was doing 1 years ago but can’t find the good way to do it. If someone could help me, I will appreciate. So I have 2 screens, one is the center one used for the view and the other left one was used to display helios or instruments like MFCD. I modified my monitorconfig file in many ways but the left screen is always showing my windows desktop, and not the game. It is the same if I set the left screé as the main. The windows of dcs end at the right end of the left screen. For center I put my total screen lenght 3040 per 900 but don’t change anythings
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