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  1. i actually reinstalled the whole dedi server, i cleaned it up and repaired it.. but the bug is still there..
  2. so this is what i do 1. run the dedi server 2. connect to it and jump into blue and red plane aswell 3. disconnect from the server 4. connect to the server and jump into a blue plane to see if red trigger activates 5. if not jump in every plane on blue and on red 6. disconnect from the server 7. connect to the server and jump into a blue plane to see if red trigger activates 8. jump in every plane on the server and disconnect again 9. reconnect and repeat step 5 and 6 here are my dedi server settings maybe there is the mistake located..?! https://gyazo.com/13cc0b69e0c1839ccef5
  3. i tested it with the f18 aswell and its happening there too.. same issue different plane..
  4. here you can see it on a gif.. i created a trigger wich should get activ by an team red plane inside the trigger area i selected a blue slot i get the trigger message wich means the trigger is active, but by an blue plane https://gyazo.com/103a144717809125ecccd3aa1ebe2f16
  5. Hello, i found a bug and i hope it gets soon fixxed :) follow these steps and you will see the bug.. 1.create a mission (or download my attached mission) 2.spawn in blue mirages from france and usa on an airfield 3. spawn a blue vehicle unit next inside the airfield 4.create a triggerzone at the airfield 5.create a trigger wich will activate if some parts of coalition red are inside the triggerzone 6.set the trigger to write a message to all for exampel "this is a bug" 7. set the trigger to "continously" 8. save the mission and run it from a dedicated server 9. connect to yo
  6. its seriously a bug So guys, i created a completly new mission simplifie. only a few blue aircrafts clients only and some red planes to test if the trigger works.. I created one trigger wich will write a message to all "! THIS IS A BUG !" This trigger should only get triggered if a red unit is inside the trigger! To see this bug appear on your mashine. Host the mission from a dedicated dcs server Connect to the server try all blue slots and see if the message appears, if not disconnect and reconnect to the server do the same again, try all blue slots and see if the message app
  7. Hey Guys, im about to create a dynamic mission for multiplayer. The thing is im stuck right now at a bug wich appears sometimes and sometimes not. The mission runs on my dedicated server, with those autoexec commands options.graphics.fullScreen = false options.graphics.width = 1280 options.graphics.height = 768 options.graphics.maxfps = 20 options.graphics.render3D = false net.download_speed = 131072000 net.upload_speed = 131072000 Im using the "DCS-SimpleSlotBlock" script to block spawns on airfields, wich are controlled by the enemy team. As example Team blue capture
  8. hey Ciribob, i got a question, i made myself a dynamic mission where spawns of aircrafts get disabled and enabled over the time.. You can capture an airport and after that you can spawn on there. But the problem is, if i took of from gudauta and im on team blue and team red attacks gudauta and capping it while im airborne, i as a spawned player from gudauta gets directly despawned in the air. is there a way to workaround this? Greetz BigMongostyler
  9. Guys, how to donwload those maps without purchasing them? Can you explain?
  10. Capture Caucasus DynamicHardcore PvP :pilotfly:NEW SERVER: ███ ██ █ Capture Caucasus ██ DynamicHardcore PvP █ ██ ███:pilotfly: Hello m8´s, im presenting you a new server wich runs a dynamic pvp mission. You can easy capture or attack an airport by doing a flyby, no need to get in an helicopter and transport troops.. But take care there will be AntiAir so you need to fly really low or really high. :joystick: What else we got-> -You can capture nearly every Airport and spawn there if its captured -A Stennis for both Sides, Tankers and AWACS -The possibility to upgrade Air de
  11. Hallo Leute, ich suche mit voller härte nach einer Möglichkeit den Progress meiner Multiplayer Mission zu speichern und sie dann evtl am nächsten Tag weiterspielen zu können.. Gibt es irgendwie eine Möglichkeit, wenn ja wie und wo? Ich meine Server wie BlueFlag-BuddySpike bekommen es ja auch auf die reihe.. Nur suche ich schon sehr sehr lange, sodass ich jetzt zu dem Entschluss gekommen bin hier zu schreiben :) Lg
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