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  1. Last update override the default kneeboard with another copy of the contents in the kneeboard_orig each time you fires the app. I think this is the correct work,....
  2. Let's wait for some official. Maybe this works but this is DCS
  3. Only just a ping. HARM codes no update with HQ-7. For Roland i hope we have it. And index do not reflex the real content (just look the HARM 88 section). Al leats one is not in the index. Link to the official updated manuals. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/documentation/ Cheers. Fisu MAD
  4. Just with 4 nov 2020 update no news codes for HARM - WPN page. Only the update de RWR in the F16C for appear this threats??. I just investigate a little and in manual no update. So Hearblur has this in his radar. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/heatblur-simulations/dcs-f-14a-b/289625-what-is-the-7-on-the-rwr#post6436906 Roland i think we have it and this will be included... This is my own create one, for night day mission. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312360/
  5. Please, keep it. Dont delete. I think you must collect all the data from them and take the comunity bug spreadSheet and merge all. Create a new one topic with the reference bug and keep tracking on it. This will enhance comms in both sides.
  6. Fisu_MAD

    Better Smoke

    Just amazing. Must have. I hope this can be part of DCS core. I friend will send a private to BN.,
  7. This was corrected in the last patch. Update your beta copy.
  8. Really embarrassing that a product is sold with bugs. We will see when the following buyers come and see that, for example, they cannot make the TDC work (with axis hardware) as they work in the rest of the modules. The NSEQ moving all the waypoints when you change the enlarged view on the map, or the lighting at night of the taxi lights, which is not seen at 2 meters, ... to put 3 examples of the 200-odd lines collected in the community bug collection. Not a surprise, no communication, no decent update from a long time ago, forum abandoned for months ... This when they are going to fix it?
  9. Hi NL I don't think anyone was personally attacked I don't think it's a good thing that every time we say we have an outdated and abandoned module we are personally attacking someone. The updates that have been delivered for the Harrier have been ridiculous. I am not referring to a specific person, I am referring to a product development company. As a Harrier user, I do feel attacked due to passivity in the face of the amount of errors that can be collected in the community bug tracker, I am not talking about the official tracker, since the latter is far from reflecting the current state o
  10. Fisu_MAD


    Just see Harrier forum. For those who want a F15 this is your future because it's our present.
  11. Chaval no tienes idea de lo que estás diciendo. Como son Peruanos a lo mejor ahora sí lo leen esto y lo entienden y en inglés no. TDC is broken. Las curvas no funcionan. No puedes usar los ejes del warthog del ministick. La tetilla. Se para cuando lo usas. Si fuera hardware no funcionaría en ningún módulo. Pero solo pasa en el Harrier. Let's go to use Google translate guys. And Fox stop trolling. We are tire to speak loud in the desert of Razbam forums. A lovely abandoned plane, see the latest updates troll!! See updates??? No. A full of bugs collected by community wait an ED solut
  12. I am testing the campaign with the map of Syria. It happens to you that when we select a flight and configure it to span cold, when we load the generated mission, all the flights appear in the air??
  13. Dont be a troll. I dont buy the products from DCS to microsoft. I then need to write in instagram to comunicate with??.:doh:
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