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  1. Yes, this bug is here from the start, i hope can be fixed as son as possible, very anoying to use the global kneeboard to add the charts. If you load nevada, you have also the syria ones.
  2. I try but adding the entire folder dont detect the .txt files
  3. Thank you so much, awesome app!! looks cool! THX.
  4. I m the only one that have issues with the joy pitch and roll?. I use a saturation of 75% and a curve of 25% per x and y axis. When start flight i must move about 20% of the joy axis to the rotor start moving and start the pitch or the roll. Smoot movement it is imposible. What im doing wrong??? It is as if by default there is a dead zone of 20% and in 21% everything applies. By the way I have zero zone set to 0%. Thanks
  5. Welcome to the forums. Here there is people who stayed from the beginning years ago. You can read and then get bored about the repeated and repeated and repeated post about the same issues again and again across the months or years. So, you are lucky, you enter in a sweet time where here you can see there is news and advances in this lovely module. I just stop about help in raise bugs or comment here because this times were very annoying me frustrating. I'm more happy now. Just you are new here, and comes without memory, try to help and and let's the others have their opinion. Because this is
  6. Last update override the default kneeboard with another copy of the contents in the kneeboard_orig each time you fires the app. I think this is the correct work,....
  7. Let's wait for some official. Maybe this works but this is DCS
  8. Only just a ping. HARM codes no update with HQ-7. For Roland i hope we have it. And index do not reflex the real content (just look the HARM 88 section). Al leats one is not in the index. Link to the official updated manuals. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/documentation/ Cheers. Fisu MAD
  9. Just with 4 nov 2020 update no news codes for HARM - WPN page. Only the update de RWR in the F16C for appear this threats??. I just investigate a little and in manual no update. So Hearblur has this in his radar. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/heatblur-simulations/dcs-f-14a-b/289625-what-is-the-7-on-the-rwr#post6436906 Roland i think we have it and this will be included... This is my own create one, for night day mission. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312360/
  10. Please, keep it. Dont delete. I think you must collect all the data from them and take the comunity bug spreadSheet and merge all. Create a new one topic with the reference bug and keep tracking on it. This will enhance comms in both sides.
  11. Just amazing. Must have. I hope this can be part of DCS core. I friend will send a private to BN.,
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