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  1. A praise where it's due. I've been mainly delivering supplies from factories to hospitals and some with slings. I'm really glad that the sling loading now works perfectly, like it used to. Also, as an added bonus on top, the weather really adds the immersion value. Overcast with rain mixes really well with 'dark ambient' -artists, one example below. I love games with an atmosphere that takes me somewhere else, it almost feels like meditation afterwards. Thank you all involved!
  2. The problem isn't how to configure Dcs to run most of the time in a satisfactory manner, I can manage that just fine. Hell, it only takes two settings, make shadows (FLAT/FLAT) and the problem is gone altogether in all situations. I'm talking with shadows maxed here, as I mentioned in the title. I did a test with LOW-preset, only changes being setting shadows to HIGH and DEFAULT and took off in MI8. Flying treetop level in Syria map in a large forested area brings my gpu usage to 100% and then the framerate plummets and immersion is lost. This is with everything in its lowest setting, only with shadows maxed in 1080p 60hz. 2070s max temp being 68c, power limit 100%, clocks maxed - nothing out of the ordinary. The only workaround which I've found is to disable v-sync and force max frame rate in NVCP to 60, although that results in tearing in these situations but the framerates stay higher compared to with v-sync on. The state of the current engine this game has is one of the reasons they are currently working an overhaul which is expected to hit us in Q3 2021. I'm losing my mind here waiting for this to happen, hence I ordered a cpu replacement (5600x). I pray to the old mountain gods I don't need to upgrade my gpu for this in the current market climate. Update forthcoming in a couple of weeks, in case this could prove beneficial to others.
  3. I'm currently humming along with r5 3600, 2070s & 32GB CL16 and while I have to say it gets almost there, I'm not satisfied. Is there anyone who could say with roughly equivalent setup, which route you took to make it possible (cpu/gpu/both) or am I left to just wait for forthcoming updates to performance? Thanks in advance, N
  4. I'm running r5 3600 with 2070s @1080p and I have to tone down settings from max in order to enjoy for example Dubai at 60fps. So you can kind of figure how well that card will perform at 4k maxed. As there were no answers I thought you could gather something about my experience, as I cannot answer precisely on the fps you could get but I'd wager it would be around 30fps if even that.
  5. I feel quite strongly about SaaS, simply because it only takes one who can count to make it obvious. And people are falling for it all over. I truly hope ED will never take that path. -- On the topic at hand, I'll be a happy camper when the promised update lands :pilotfly:
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