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  1. Launched AiM-120 From F-15C in TWS mode do not fly any kind of pursuit to TGT. Just Loft and climb continuosly. It happens In multiplayer. Didn`t check SP. When fired to multiple targets, each one fly same way. Lofts itself and than wasted.
  2. Yes . 3m square. Gives Echo. Echo. Echo = contact. Yes or not ?. -1.0-1.0-1 . U need more explanations ? How M square gives T-38 ? similar ? what docs says ? Any elimination problems? Deduction problems ? Is JF-17 Stealth technology versus T-38 ? Is APG- 63 (V) 1 Mig-21 like technology ? Go to cockpit F-15. Check your self... U will see what is going wrong. I guarantee surprise...
  3. Yes. Fix the radar please. Guys above are right. Now Radar is worse. It is not possible to work BVR properly in this circumstances. For Example: instead of detect JF-17 Hi aspect from decent distance. F -15C DCS is able to detect at 37 nm !! When fighting at 400 level JF`s SD-10 allready flights towards me. 37 NM is less than SAR ( safe abort Range ). Even.. it is exactly MAR ( Minimum abort Range at 400 Level). Next... AiM-120 C at 400 level fired from platform flying 1,5 Ma could be launched From 48 Nm. Radar is bottle neck for 120C in this situation. JF-17 is Stealt fighter? To obtain good
  4. Last Upadte changelog: There is information about anabling navigation data:Enabled navigation data loading for all existing terrains. Added navigation data for Syria. What is that mean? RSBN, PRMG, Radio Presets? What navigation data? Where could I find data. Is there any documentation?
  5. . OK do`nt forget F-15 nose wheel shimmy after NWS disengage. Pls. & external pisition/nav lights. Night HUD, RDR, RWR, brightness, ability. Pls
  6. . cORRECTION. Alt Hold Function when ATT Hold is ON. No Subject.... Must make some tests. TY
  7. Agree. Why no F-15C ED Hi Fidelity ? or... Medium Fidelity? Why not? Or just small upgrades month by month. 2-3 buttons animated, RDR, MPCD, TEWS, Brightness adjustment, TCN implementation. Step by small step. ( By the way) Autopilot functions. ATC Functions. There is alot of F-15 Enthusiasts reday to pay for Good F-15C. Wags, what U think about?
  9. rgr. on my way 1- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-v5DcK0o5chSe19IQHAaX_EopO5fUuGX/view?usp=sharing 2- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yl9VFetxsZA7FvRriIuniIq-foqPElF5/view?usp=sharing 50 kts is anough to start big amplitude Shimmy effect. This is a BUG. Normally Shimmy vibrations of nose wheel is well known by decades and is solved by every aircraft construction bureau long time ago... I recommend to check all FC-3 aircraft and MiG-21 fot this issue.
  10. When F-15C loaded with AA missiles it seams no matter which pylon. Fuselage FWD, or Fuselage AFT, Drag is the same like for wing pylon. BAD CX. All Missiles has always full drag independently of its positions. This the reason F-15 is not able to fly as fast and Hi, it should. In this circumstances F-15C need to burn significantly to much fuell.
  11. Navigation lights do not function at all
  12. Autopilot do not function at all
  13. In Sunny Fogy conditions HUD is not readable.
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