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  1. The PL-12 and PL-8 exist in the game files, you can mod them onto the J-11A They are there for future J-11B/8/15 AI
  2. The software not behaving as it should is a bug As such it must be addressed since the product is still being supported
  3. That's what I don't understand The low detection is a bug not a feature.
  4. An Eagle Squadron correct? Im also hazy on the details
  5. I was under the impression that squadron in the 90s had JTIDS not Link 16
  6. About 1984 on the -1 A RuAF guy said the -2 was available in 1995 in Russian service and 1997 for export the R-74M came around 2015 The 74 and -2 should have the same off bore look angles R-74M uses a MK-2200 instead of MK-80 seeker might pull more G not sure on that
  7. When will the CFD arrive Whats the progress on it Will the new archer arrive then too?
  8. I think I may not be understanding you, but the N001 and N019 are not accurate to their detection and lock figures given in their manuals.
  9. Target aspect So 0 deg = head on 180 deg = directly behind him and so on
  10. Starting to look a lot like a Keyaero thread to me
  11. I much more enjoy the snappiness and guns of the Sabre between the two.
  12. Not the most DCS Related thing but I'd be curious of Deka could share some insights into all the changes and variants of the J-11 and J-11A Tell us where our J-11A sits on the timeline
  13. I'd still like to see an explanation on the Su-27s trans sonic acceleration disparity vs the video @Chizh Is this possibly a part of the FM that is guarded? Or guesstimated?
  14. I hope this doesn't come off as impolite but I think it bears repeating. I do not understand why this is said when you previously mentioned the half circle graphs were R aero figures for these missiles. Only for us to more recently find out they have a provision for a terminal 3g maneuver for a few seconds baked into it. And this came from RuAF pilots mind you, certainly they can be considered SME's on this. With that in mind, wouldn't it be foolhardy to claim the draftsmen that made the graph was wrong? Unless you have some other supplemental information from
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