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  1. Oh no that's not me that's from an old thread I still hope it worked to inspire you
  2. Don't let the Eagle being FC3 stop you from making the sim pit of your dreams. It certainly didn't stop this gentleman. I'd imagine you could get the gear levers and such to work in game as well People have made things like button boxes before too so I dont see why not
  3. Because bandits with RWRs that can detect you generally speaking turn to not get shot at. The question becomes at what range should they start turning? With the CFD AIM-120 + its new guidance laws like lofting you generally saw those ranges for posturing shots go up (because of the missiles better retention of energy in turns which as we all know cost energy and of course better APN meaning no more dramatic turns while still quite some distance from the bandit and this leads to once again better energy retention) while Pk remained the same since people learned the new ranges,
  4. I thought the EM was made for shooting down low flying low RCS targets attacking the fleet
  5. I wonder if ED has ever contemplated doing flying laboratory aircraft as modules? Something like the 2000s Su-35UB which if I'm not mistaken was Su-30MKI airframe and engines with MKK avionics
  6. I mean sounds good but I think we've tried showing them all the info possible and so far I've only seen empty promises from the devs I think I've lost my patience for reporting bugsand what not but maybe thats because I haven't been with the game as long as you.
  7. The same way you 'knew' there was one and only one version of the R-73 until a Russian pilot told you otherwise. You say you work at Vympel, but what do you actually do there if you don't even know that much? Sweep and mop the floor?
  8. Not to knock on a junior dev like Deka too much but I do like the vapours added to the J-11A even if they may look more dated and less detailed than say those on the MiG-29 and F/A-18. I do think it would be a great idea if ED put those onto all planes that don't have them in the meantime. It certainly is a good visual cue to have in a dogfight.
  9. Yes I remember how that happened, the Dev was a Russian national, not american and wanted to take F-16 manuals outside of the country to Georgia, this would be an ITAR violation. There was also talk of him having F-35 and F-22 manuals 'just as a hobby thing' he put it more or less and he certainly didn't make a FOIA request for that one more likely than not it would have been denied if he could. Seems like a reasonable enough pretext to send him to federal prison as that does sound like espionage. Can we really say the Redfor or FC3 planes are where they should be? We can m
  10. You hit the nail on the head, there is a reason ED chose to do the F-16 and F/A-18, and that is those are the main planes in a certain sim named after a bird of prey of the Falconidae family. It was because of constant comparisons to this game through out the years that ED was forced to acknowledge their mismodeling of missile aerodynamics and poor guidance law. Maybe what is needed is some good spirited capitalist competition (ED as a Russian company might not like that but) where a community of programmers takes a certain 1998 Novalogic flight sim named after an ancie
  11. Is there a graph with that trans sonic acceleration somewhere?
  12. I never said it was at a substantial advantage over the Eagle or anything like that, it did though present some trouble for US planers since in many ways it would be trading with enemy aircraft as if it was as good as a contemporary F-16 or F/A-18 being that it was the only Combloc fighter at the time to actually engage in BVR combat with some semblance of parity, the MiG-29s at the time are nothing but ratrod MiG-23s really without any real ability to sustain and contest air control. Posture would play a part in it too, say in a 1990s vietnam or serbia Redux scenario Flankers with
  13. I'm not sure I'd agree with this. The Su-27SK with R-27Es up against Teen series fighters with AIM-9Ms and AIM-120A/Bs and avionics of the 80s and 90s, is still arguably a rather even match up in most context. It does struggle against the noughties MLU types but that's par for the course for legacy avionics and weapons. As countless exercises have proven.
  14. Hopefully its an F-4E Block 54 or 56
  15. The RMD-1 has a FOV of 45 degrees on the rail and 60 in flight. The RMD-2 has a FOV of 60 degrees on the wing and 75 in flight. The in-game one has a FOV of 45 on the wing and 75 in flight and you can check this in the game files as OM Viz and need to convert the number from radians to degrees. Chizh has said that we have a Hybrid of both versions but will soon get 2 proper version with the RMD-2 also having better flare resistance.
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