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  1. Any good, populated and realistic server where the Mossie can be shot down tonight?
  2. Alpenwolf, I know it’s kinda early but do you already have some kind of concepts for the Mig23 in mind? Like roles, restrictions, count in general, replacing some of the others and so on?
  3. Tacview is a too big performance hit in MP for me. I have read you can just record yourself to save performance but this would be not enough to see your fights. Would it be possible to get a more detailed filter like MP airborne players and A2A weapons only or a certain radius around your plane?
  4. Awesome! Can’t wait try that legend of my childhood on your great server. Do you expect a longer downtime of your server when it releases? I guess Alpenwolf will find a way to keep it balanced. I prefer balancing to simply restricting. Even some unbalanced days in the beginning shouldn’t hurt too much. And it doesn’t replace a bad helo. Taking out the shark also takes away its special advantages.
  5. Will the Mi24 get the R60M in (some)Cold War Server Missions as soon as they will become available during EA?
  6. My bet is on the Phantom: why? - Multicrew like the F14 - afaik license fell (back) to ED and they don’t seem to be keen on doing it (leaving some kind of vacuum) - Fits perfectly for the Forrestal - Fits even better to their Forrestal plane set of F-14 and A6 - it‘s (also) a Fighter. They said it’ll be a fighter - Phantom is a big market in DCS and HB deserves such a high value project - would be a great pick if you want variations like F14 A and B. Variants make so much sense for the F4. Too bad the F-4F II ICE being one of them isn’t very likely - CEO seems to be a big fan of the USS Forrestal which adds to the Forrestal bullet points above A Phantom would be really cool but I would also welcome a Me262 or a Zero
  7. Lord can we finally get the bomb delay? This ist not a level bomber..
  8. Wasn’t it released quite surprisingly compared to the usual process? At least it should be mandatory to make the Hind playable prior to the Apache. No matter how. Don’t get me wrong because I loooove high end developed red stuff but I’d guess a playable Apache would distract more customers from a Hind release than the other way if I were ED I’d: - offer pre purchase Apache - followed by release / EA of Hind without pre - followed by release/ EA of Apache
  9. I guess we ll see a P-47 style release?
  10. Will do! Changed springs, put everything together and updated firmware so far. Difficult to get a good overview what you need especially as the PDFs for the single tools didn’t mention that gunfighter is supported. Slowly took first steps as I only had few minutes today here and there because of real life. Will calibrate tomorrow and start testing in DCS and MF FS. Like the feeling of X and Y already. Grip itself is somewhat strange to me until now. For some Buttons my hand seems to be too small and for some too big. Overall strange when you are used to the massive WT build. But I love the many buttons that’s why I opted for this grip. I really hope I get used to less tactile feedback from the buttons and overall ergonomics. But as I said already now the X and Y seems to be very good. No deadzone resistance. My Warthog already got somehow sticky
  11. Nice! Can you jump in right away or should you do fw upgrade, calibration an all that stuff?
  12. Thanks! But the grip is only screwed to extension but extension only sits loosely on base, right? But wait... adapter you said. Found no additional adapter in the package. Looking again... Edit: Oh I see there was a second screw in the 50# package. The V/U Cut is for ergonomic adjustments, right? Gonna put the #50 in to protectcthe stick mechanics (guess I would take less even with 20cm extension). Hope it’s not too difficult. About the twist. Looks like it only twist into one direction and only a very short distance
  13. Just received my GF III Pro with twist and extension. Quick start guide is not good and QR Leads to videos but not what I need. Should I apply the 50s springs? Are the contacts on the extension on friction only and is it just plugged between stick and base without any screws?
  14. No worries. Family first. For tonight even air quake is good enough and real importance comes with the release.... of well :D
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