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  1. Will do! Changed springs, put everything together and updated firmware so far. Difficult to get a good overview what you need especially as the PDFs for the single tools didn’t mention that gunfighter is supported. Slowly took first steps as I only had few minutes today here and there because of real life. Will calibrate tomorrow and start testing in DCS and MF FS. Like the feeling of X and Y already. Grip itself is somewhat strange to me until now. For some Buttons my hand seems to be too small and for some too big. Overall strange when you are used to the massive WT build. But I love the man
  2. Nice! Can you jump in right away or should you do fw upgrade, calibration an all that stuff?
  3. Thanks! But the grip is only screwed to extension but extension only sits loosely on base, right? But wait... adapter you said. Found no additional adapter in the package. Looking again... Edit: Oh I see there was a second screw in the 50# package. The V/U Cut is for ergonomic adjustments, right? Gonna put the #50 in to protectcthe stick mechanics (guess I would take less even with 20cm extension). Hope it’s not too difficult. About the twist. Looks like it only twist into one direction and only a very short distance
  4. Just received my GF III Pro with twist and extension. Quick start guide is not good and QR Leads to videos but not what I need. Should I apply the 50s springs? Are the contacts on the extension on friction only and is it just plugged between stick and base without any screws?
  5. So no A2A missiles, right? Sorry guys, just asking
  6. No worries. Family first. For tonight even air quake is good enough and real importance comes with the release.... of well :D
  7. Nice Alpenwolf! You da man! 2h 20min from now should be max. Cream topping would be a Mi24 Guerilla-Release
  8. Any chance for a quick n dirty Syria map on CW tonight? Don’t beat me :D
  9. Havent found sth by searching the thread: Are there any plans for MS Flightsimulator support?
  10. Wow!!! Great news! Saves a lot of money
  11. Thank you! Sorry for being stupid but is GF Plate directly usable on 8020 extrusions like from MT or do I also need the flat MT adapter plate for VKB Sticks? I went from desktop mounts to center pole extrusion anyway (space no issue anymore)
  12. PS do I need a smaller baseplate for the MT GF plate? Should connect directly right?
  13. Nice dburne! I share many points of you and especially also Fri13 (Great Statement) in this thread and I am about to order GF3 Pro with twist, eng labels and 200mm. Just found out flightsimcontrols has no package including the extension so you end up above 500 EUR even with slow shipping (aiming for the quick one). Any better idea where to order to Germany?
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