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  1. just to know…. AACQ in the past was self-locking first target spotted (that makes sense, since its exactly what this mode is supposed to do, or am i wrong?), while now it needs to manually press "S" key to lock an already spotted radar contact (that i can do in other modes too…). is that normal ? is this a problem, and if yes its already reported ?
  2. ah its two years i'm "really patiently" waiting for fix (random example: the inverted ground effect), but every patch actually add a bug (see vertical scan in latest patch) instead of fix something. so, this time i'm off, i'll just follow all other friends and go play "the other one" where things work as they should. good luck with your patience guys, bye !
  3. maybe were 5 minutes, didnt looked the clock closely ! for sure i found the vertical scan bug in 1 minute since joining the server , because i recorded the video with shadowplay, hehe!
  4. in general i gave up on this logic of: "ED do perfect by default, everything different has to be proved by unquestionable proofs and even at that point will be questioned somehow because if ED did as it did, must be perfect". for fun i'll take this and answer, since your doubt seems genuine.
  5. ah sorry started writing when post was not up, and then got dinner...
  6. hello. i watched an interview of Nick Grey talking about bug fixing and development in general. his words were exactly what community like to hear, sadly facts continue to prove the opposite. each patch create more bug than it fixes, today for example the last piece of joy i had on DCS, gun dogfight, has been screwed, since vertical acquisition is no longer working. now i made a short list of the most annoying problems with the F18, keep in mind this are just >the most annoying< and just for the F18 plane. here is what came to my mind in 2 minutes: now… my simple ques
  7. 26-08-2020 patch vertical scan bug 26-08-2020 patch totally screwed vertical scan. pattern was stuck in a sort of boresight mode, not scanning vertically. tried many switch to other modes, but vertical scan keep getting stuck in that mode. video of the bug:
  8. as surely an explanation isnt enought and a track replay is needed, i'll offer it: F18vertical-BUG.trk
  9. ahhh this bug is boring mea each time a target exit from my radar limits in a dogfight !
  10. dont seem exactly what happened to me (4 times at today date), but similar. in my case, after using vertical scan in a dogfight, changing weapons to guns, aim9, aim120 ecc, i dont know the exact procedure to reproduce the bug, it gets stuck in vertical scan. i can do nothing to use BVR again, it gets the BVR data layout (i can select range, degrees ecc), but radar keeps scanning 2 degrees left& right and all the vertical . i tried everything, change to AG mode, shut radar off, reset, everything, i cannot take back control of my radar when it happens. this add to another bug… if i use
  11. i'm more worried about F18 not being able to reach mach 1 with full amraam load… while F15 can reach mach 2.2 with 6 amraam and 2 aim9 (in DCS) how is F18 supposed to intercept things ?
  12. here video of the fact: EDIT: i found that switching to NAV after that, seems to fix the problem ! dont know if its me doing the procedure wrong or a bug, anyway the solution is that.
  13. absolutely agree. i dont know if its real or not, but for sure doesnt make any sense.
  14. hello, targeting pod used in air to air is keeping flickering, making like an epiletic movment , as far as i know, it should be "stable" like F14 TV , not keeping flickering. is a bug ?
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