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  1. 23, and have been playing DCS since 2014 :joystick:
  2. Hey, and welcome! Modern jets are quite complex and intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of them they become quite intuitive. They're meant to be used by humans in stressful combat situations after all! :thumbup: Personally, when in doubt, I'd recommend you to start with a slightly older and less advanced jet. The leap from WW2 to modern becomes more managable that way. The L-39 is a very safe bet and has limited air to air and air to ground capabilities. It might become boring quite quickly though, so perhaps the F-5 is something to consider! Weapons wise it's only slightly
  3. Performance is pretty good here. :) Some of the larges towns cause fps drops, but nothing unreasonable. My gpu is a gtx 1070.
  4. Hi Rudel, Many thanks for these training missions! They've worked amazingly well for both me and a friend of mine! :thumbup:
  5. Couldn't agree more! Thank you ED for the hard work.
  6. Holy cow, this is exiting... I'd LOVE to see flyable modern European aircraft!
  7. +1 I've been playing DCS since 2013 and witnessed a lot of the progress the team and third party defs have made. It's honestly incredible to see how far you've come with all this! Keep it up :thumbup:
  8. Agreed! They exceeded my already fairly high expectations :D
  9. :thumbup: Absolutely! I love the viggen as it is right now, and can't wait for the coming improvements.
  10. That's awesome! Congratulations! :pilotfly:
  11. Couldn't agree more! ED has done a remarkable job so far. I'm absolutely in love with DCS.
  12. I prefer the beta version. It used to have more people online but it's been a while since I last checked. And let's not forget the beta content of course :pilotfly:
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