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  1. it can be found in your steam apps directory and executed from the command line as well "x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\bin\win64\OpenVRSettingsUX.exe"
  2. lets start with meant to be flown is not an opinion and move on from there... YOU get good results for YOU...
  3. Bearing in mind, the constraints of the board, I think your arrogance is stunning!
  4. not getting anywhere; you have a position that works for you i have one that works for me, the best advice for anyone is to try both approaches and see what works for them I just noticed that you are using an extension, so yes that will be a factor ... in your experience
  5. yes, you are making life harder mechanically, you have physically less precision
  6. Archimedes would beg to differ… but yes it’s a work around Your answer of do nothing is just as flawed
  7. the length of your stick is likely to be something like 15-20 cm, unless you are using an extension... mechanically that stick is 1/3 to 1/4 the length of the actual stick; then you need to accommodate the changes in deflection for a mechanically bigger lever...
  8. I tested this just now, it makes very little difference in terms of performance to CPU or GPU frame time: Frametime in ms Delta From Baseline Test Baseline GPU CPU GPU CPU Changes 82 Test 75 9.52 8.55 Average for Baseline 2.7.6, FSR1.1, Windows 11, Hotfix Shaders 95 Test 82 9.62 8.38 -0.11 0.17 Blank VR Hanger depending on how CPU vs GPU bound you are it might make as much of .25 FPS difference ... but generally anything less than .5ms is just as likely to be margin of error p.s. I will add that in the Menu it makes a difference of performance... but menu performance isn't something I generally worry about.
  9. OP Updated Rebar retested with Release version of BIOS
  10. Vr DLSS would be better in terms of overall performance improvements… but that’s a discussion for a different thread. I’m actually doing some rebar retests at the moment…
  11. Mostly the big delta from 25 in terms of performance is fsr 1.1 I think the only change in NVCP that makes any real difference is prefer max performance.
  12. p.s. FWIW Frame rate limiting via NVCP has zero impact in VR
  13. OP Updated Methodology now has a link to the current performance Track... I also corrected a numbering typo which referenced Track 26 as opposed to Track 25, being a baseline, it was just the numbering that changed (the actual data referenced is unchanged I will likely restructure the OP as it has gotten quite difficult to ingest and update. It may take a while
  14. Frametime in ms Delta From Baseline Test Baseline GPU CPU GPU CPU Changes 25 Test 21 10.70 7.39 0.18 -0.04 Shadows Reduced Frame Rate Impact MOD 75 Test 25 11.36 8.27 -0.66 -0.88 Baseline (as per Test 25) 82 Test 75 9.52 8.55 1.85 -0.28 Average for Baseline 2.7.6, FSR1.1, Windows 11, Hotfix Shaders 83 Test 82 9.61 8.65 -0.09 -0.09 NVCP Low Latency Mode ON Test 1 84 Test 82 9.69 8.70 -0.18 -0.15 NVCP Low Latency Mode ON Test 2 85 Test 82 9.60 8.30 0.01 0.34 NVCP Low Latency Mode ON Test 3 86 Test 82 9.63 8.55 -0.12 0.00 Average for NVCP Low Latency Mode On Also note whilst I have moved to Windows 11, all we are really interested in is the delta from the baseline. In this case functionally nothing, I'm not particularly GPU bound, it might make things very fractionally worse on my GPU, but TBH you aren't going to notice the impact on my hardware.
  15. I will give it a go, but, as the effect of Low Latency mode is to reduce the pre-rendered frames to 1, and as the default pre rendered frames is already one , im not sure it will have much impact ...
  16. yes and then its a pure value/judgement call... I'm in a similar position and my own view is with my i7-9700k, that i will have look next year when some solid alder lake numbers are in ... but thats likely to be a full MB, CPU and RAM replacement ... maybe PSU as well
  17. if your CPU FT is already consistently below 11ms , then it wont buy you terribly much , except headroom for more intensive AI missions... maybe more headroom for multiplayer too
  18. not on real PC at the moment but the video is here
  19. at the moment i have it set the same as Phil Style's "sexy curves" for the spitfire.
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