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  1. what are your frame times... for CPU and GPU ? have you got motion smoothing turned on ? is it enabled or forced ?
  2. Get FPSVR and you can see your frame times, what are your current settings in windows, wmr, nvidia, steam, and dcs
  3. To each their own; providing you understand that .5 in PD is not equivalent to 50% in steam then all is good ... which leads to the problem if you mess with both you can very easily get confused as to what resolution you are actually operating at ... but as i say to each their own.
  4. Not that I can see, I spent a chunk of time going through the various POV options , the only one that works is to turn off the pov and the buttons report being pressed accurately, but you loose other buttons as a result. I suspect the problem is actually in the way the two bits of software interact, rather than one being at fault per say. But glad it’s not just me, that means either TM or Virpil needs to sort out the interactions (not likely, not a judgement just simple reality of software interaction outside of the scope of support for either) or I have to learn another scripting lan
  5. what's your budget ? whats your usage scenrio (VR 2D SP MP etc...) The simple reality of the moment is this, DCS will eat as much single core performance as you can throw at it , and as much GPU power as you can throw it as well, and hardware is both short supply and priced way above what it would have been 18 months ago for equivalent capability, so it become a function of how much are you willing to spend...
  6. A lot depends on what you are doing, lots of states checking and recursive behaviours, managing what amounts to a DB in lua perhaps… It feels like something that would slow things down eventually. That said it’s difficult to say in isolation.
  7. I have a similar config, I was UNABLE to get to the ATC page at all, via any means, that said, it’s all fixed now…so…
  8. let me be frank the PD "trick" just that, it has been shown many times to be just that. Leave PD at 1.0 and reduce the Custom resolution Percentage in steam, you can do it the other way around, but, the maths is easier if you use steam's Custom Resolution Percentage but either way just change one of them
  9. Case I Is also working for me, not sure what the precious problem was… but now is good?
  10. my old settings were for the 1080ti, on 2.5.6 and the newer ones are for the 3090 .. i hope they will help, if you have K level processor, you really should overclock it if you have a good cooling solution, otherwise you are leaving money on the table
  11. its not affecting me; and im on 1.18.1, are you on the WMR beta as well ? you can alwasy opt out of the beta for STEAMVR
  12. I have never been able to get at the ATC page of the kneeboard even during case I , is this known does the hotfix address this ?
  13. i honestly never use the thing because it east too much performance in VR ... but if i had to guess its cascading into the canopy glass and tinting that
  14. Turn it off? This is I think a result of GCI as it’s what it does.. 2d video bugs might have been more appropriate. And yes I see the tinge… it’s kind of what I expect
  15. I’m not sure I see much wrong here? Do you have global cockpit illumination turned on? Why is this a performance bug?
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