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  1. How is it connected, some users on reddit report better luck through a powered hub, or on the FSB. this guy seems to have fixed his problem by making sure power management on the headset has been switched off others seem to have been connected to the loose speaker connection
  2. They aren’t costing you anything, you can stop the wmr window from playing, by pressing the pause button in the bottom middle of the wmr screen and then minimising it. you can’t disable the dcs mirror, but, it’s not costing you anything... I start wmr, and “zero” the headset, then I fire up skatezillas utility from within wmr, to launch both steamvr and dcs from within wmr, I seem to get less “cantering” issues with the headset like that
  3. no thats not right; Forced will give you a frame rate of 45 or below 45, Enabled will give you a frame rate of 90, 45 or below
  4. they only other thing i can think off is if you are running any OC on your GPU ... because you should be able to do better than that ... whats the card OOI ?
  5. no it wont, it will be quicker if you use dual channels, slot 0 and 1 with 2 x 32gb IS slower than using slots 0 and 2 with 2 x 32Gb, because you are using both channels in the latter and only 1 channel in the first. if you are using 0,2 with 2 x 32gb and 0,1,2&3 with 4x16gb you are still using 2 channels it will be just as fast.
  6. Try lassoing 4 cores... and make sure they are physical cores, dcs normally tries to use 3 or maybe 4, whenever I tried to limit to 2core my perf was always less... also no matter what the process lasso marketing says, the only useful thing you can do with it is turn off the logical cores from being used by a particular app; unless you have a damaged core and you want to avoid it...Trying to do cpu scheduling by hand is a complete mugs game. physical cores start at 0, then 2 then 4 etc... also check your temps, it’s possible you are overheating, if the AIO is new then
  7. If your frame rate, is variable, e.g. any number between 0 and 90 then then it’s disabled. Otherwise, it might still be enabled in the default vrsettings file?
  8. is not particularly new , and every time it doesn't work; there is a huge series of posts on it @DerekSpeare but, yes it does...
  9. Make your own thread, include your settings and configuration, for windows, steamvr and in game and use fpsvr to capture the cpu and gpu frame times
  10. Check you haven’t got hags turned on? And you might want to start your own thread under performance or vr
  11. yep, thats hould be the same number of pixels or close enough , make sure all the shaders have built though, if you are getting some lag try 100% in custom ss and see what that gives you
  12. i still like thrustmaster; but they are very mainstream .. .and helisims are a niche within a niche... but i do really like the collective from Virpil Introducing the VPC Collective Grips - News & Announcements - VIRPIL Controls
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