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  1. Not sure if related but iirc the reason the F-16 puts the 120's on the wingtip is cause the aim 9's ( or nothing ) can make it flutter or something of the sort. The 120's provide some stability to the wings. Maybe this is partially related since you mentioned it happening with aim 9 or nothing. IIRC you are correct. We would have issue doing ground power and someone left the switch on or the wow switch was faulty and we would learn it cause the pitot cover would start to melt. Also had a few people burn thier hands on the intake deicer if t
  2. I have never heard it actually have a name. Maybe that pilot likes to call it that? But as a F-16 crew chief we never had an official name for it ask 3 Crew Chief and you will get 3 answers or more likely just a who cares what it is called as a response. As far as it being designed that way for emergency reasons I am curious as to a source about that other then a pilots say so. I think it is more likely it is designed that way cause if it was heavier in the front then you would have a really weird looking stabilator that has more surface area in front of the pivot point making it fig
  3. So live fire, that blows. The pins have a button that needs to be pressed to remove. Someone may have been brand new on the team launching the aircraft. But since it was a hot weapons launch it normally would of been more seasoned guys doing the ground work. I, unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, mostly did training launches so BDU-33 is what I meant when saying it would get hung all the time. again hard to remember but more seems to be coming back, I want to say one of the weapons guys told me it was if you didn't hold down the release but just pressed it, the
  4. Hung weapon is usually not pin related, and was actually kind of common all said and done, ( the SUU-20 I am asking to get added to game was notorious for it iirc). Heard weapons called over radio having to go and check weekly (could be wrong, Was not weapons). I recall pins left on jets was pretty rare, I think the most common forgotten pin would of been the gun pin cause we leave it pined inflight unless they are actually gonna do a live ammo training. ( when doing a live fire mission the pin would be inserted normally so the ribbon is showing so you would know to remove it, When not li
  5. have things break realistically. Like if you are doing a mixed mission and need to do a2a first and over g the bomb racks they may not release right or something to that effect come the actual mission. That said the f-16 is really tolerant to over g iirc. iirc there where a lot of over g inspections but rarely was something broken.
  6. it has been a bit, and I was not fuels, but iirc the bladder tank right behind the pilot and the aft tank serve as the primary fuel sources to the engine, then everything else feed them. Assuming normal operation the wing and centerline tank will eventually drain first just cause everything is routed that way. But if you just run AB all day long, you would starve the primary feeds iirc. I am going of vague memories and iirc would of been stuff I asked the fuels guys out of curiosity so no guarantee I am right.
  7. Where did you hear we are getting a sam module? All I saw where people saying it would be cool if they make one, but not a word from dcs. Also some of the planes already do that rwr sound thing based on the freq so I think it can be expected that if it is sposed to be that way irl we will see it soon™
  8. checked the exact mission and map. I loaded up and got 60+ fps from get go. I then did the cc101 on same map and got similar fps. Sounds like there is something else going on.
  9. O just the viper, that is crazy. I am not noticing any significant change between it and all the other craft. Sorry I misunderstood. ummm maybe there is corrupt files for it, have you tried removing the module and reinstalling it. or doing a file verification check? ( the file check is more steam i think, not sure if built in to the normal client )
  10. @Fri13 I get you want it to be added, and I even want it my self tbh! add it to the harrier as well! But that said I think with how much you are forcing the issue and making them say NO so many times, it will be much harder for them to change their mind later having so forcibly held their ground now.... ( like a stubborn approach. or just that they will get more flack for changing their minds after repeating so many time they wont. )
  11. Gonna say your cpu is bottlenecking you pretty bad. New cpus at 5ghz should give much better performance numbers. Also go in to your video card settings outside of the game and return everything to default. There are a few settings in there that once activated the game slows down drastically. I wish I could remember the settings to be more precise. I have a 2080s and 6700k and 32 ram and I get better frames. but I also tweaked my settings and bit in game. and if I over clock my cpu the frames get better cause I am still severely bottlenecked by my cpu.
  12. iirc it was on a clean weather day, just a bad landing. Happened at Shaw AFB ~2008 give or take a couple years.
  13. I do not have any pics of a speed brake strike (could of sworn I did), but I got some of a stabilator strike on landing!
  14. We showed the epu pin during engine runup as part of the epu area is clear routine iirc. So you all want all the pins modeled or just the epu pin? As a former crewchief it seems weird to me to just have the epu pin all by it self. I think we should get ground crew modeled like the launch crew for the carriers. Give us some dude martialing us towards the main taxiway, someone to give us feedback on flight control checks, all the other things the crewchiefs do i think would be really cool for immersion!
  15. Well your not supposed to actually hit the breaks till after the nose wheel touches down, after you airbrake with the wings. ( not sure if that is the case, just letting you know. ) I have pictures of wheels melted down, it is not super common and more often from a anti skid failure, but iirc if you land and immediately break it will fry the wheels, and iirc the anti skid is not like modern antilock breaks. it does not work as well, maybe for keyboard you need to feather the w button? ( sorry use pedals my self ) The rim was actually messed up also, nice flattened down spot.
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