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  1. I noticed some things that could be added which might be a copy paste, im not sure. but i know there's skin files for bomb colors (green,grey,blue?) and since latest IC changes you cant use them any more as most servers run IC, i dont see why its not a option to select these as its the same bomb same tracking code, just different skin file, all i seen needing to be done is change a few lines and paste? probably wrong. we have it for the aim9, so why not bombs i know there's a few training bomb options but these are not same as a JDAM or LGBU the rest may not be so ez i just meant ^
  2. same track is on media fire to big for forum from today https://www.mediafire.com/file/8j33f6zgkyv5psc/Persian_Gulf_At_War_1.0.0_evening-20200609-211050.trk/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/8j33f6zgkyv5psc/Persian_Gulf_At_War_1.0.0_evening-20200609-211050.trk/file
  3. i think this is steer point option perhaps it will fly to a waypoint first then to tgt idk tho and i too have the power issue and my feed is very blury and its liek there is no contrast in the image hard to see any targets
  4. IT Doesnt really matter if they are putting in the fake rack for the agm' thenwhy not throw in the triple bombs racks too
  5. training but this shows no fuel tanks on the wings on them so theres that proof
  6. im sure icould find footage of a f16 with no fuel tanks plus the center tank you have like 120nm range (60nm each way) and so you run no fuel tanks and run the ter with 3 there wouldnt be an issue if the inner station has a smaller ordnance liek a rocket pod or one small bomb be cause the ter would push the bomb off the rack and it would fall a foot or two then the fins would open. i guess ill have to wait until the jdams come those dont have find and can go on a ter 3x *coughs in ED bring me the strike eagle*
  7. from my slow motion testing the fins in game dont pop out until they are well clear of the jet, and i mean they have fallen at least 4 feel from the wing and then the fins open,
  8. doesnt make sense to me why can you hold 3xmk82 those clear so a gbu-12 is not much different just longer, and why cant you have 2x on the inner wing then if it was clearance then why can a smaller jet like the harrier carry a 3xgbu-12 rack
  9. so i noticed that the f-16 can hold the 3xmk82 on both inner and outer wing stations. but for the gbu-12 there is only 1- 2xgbu-12 rack on each outer wing station and the inner wing station can only hold 1x gbu-12 which doesnt seem right and am not sure if its just missing code in the lua or this is realistic? although how can i hold 12xmk82 but only 6xgbu-12? doesnt seem right to me. can some one please confirm this. photos attached (is the same in editor) on latest OB
  10. nah it just popped in there if i had entered it before you would see it first i will get the replay soon pc is having major issues atm
  11. so i noticed if you change laser code of the tgp and then set up your bombs the laser code will show up in thev interval section of the bomb so 1685 for code and for the interval is also 1685 without any input on it <here is the clip
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