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  1. This is good advice. I think a lot of people have a very hollywood idea of how helo's move around, takeoff and land etc. They work best at lower speed and with very controlled descents like kgillers3 mentions above. I personally found that taking a slower speed approach to flying helo's and spending just a bit more time planning takeoff and landings really helped my helo game. Check out Casmo's vids on you tube, he's got a couple of really good piloting basics in the Huey's that really helped my hoving and slow speed flying skills.
  2. Any word on when Steam will get Paradise Lost? Sure would like to give that one a spin!
  3. Hi everyone, Just thought I would alert fellow Harrier drivers that I've updated my free campaign 'Operation Broken Cauldron'. Its still nothing compared to the masters of our community but I feel it is better now than it was over a year ago and I've learned sooo much with the editor since I've finished these missions. I am hoping my next idea will bring even more for the community to enjoy.
  4. Man that all sounds really cool. Appreciate you taking the time to respond, keep up the great work!
  5. Would you just allow the boy to have his Iraq map!?!? All he wants is his map!!
  6. Good day BD. Any news on how this campaign is coming along? I've been reading a lot about the Viper and F-18 campaigns but not much word on this one. Thanks! Really enjoy your work.
  7. , Poor Mi-24!! Would you give the beast a break!! Have some compassion!@!
  8. If the title of the campaign makes you cringe you may be in the wrong neck of the woods. Most of the aircraft and conflicts simulated in DCS are from the golden age of 'Freedom' in the middle east from the last 20 years. And the aircraft that don't fit into that category are from earlier eras of enforced 'Freedom' upon foreign peoples and lands. Good taste and war don't generally mix so I'm not sure where you were headed with your OP, just thinking out loud or ?? Like ChillNG mentioned if you actually played the campaign you'd understand the theme, you literally judged a book by its cover without ever reading a page!
  9. I know I'm late to the party, but I got the Hind a couple weeks ago and have been flying it non stop. What a great module, perfect for re-creating historic and current Russian operations in the maps we have. Thanks ED and great job.
  10. Totally agree. I mean if you want to talk repetitive, most military pilots spend huge blocks of their career doing the same thing, taking off, flying around and landing. If they are lucky these are interspersed with a short periods of actual combat. But just the mundane enjoyment of flying the aircraft is a large part of the fun for a lot of people I think.
  11. Outstanding, thanks again. Sure makes missions/campaigns more interactive with these triggers!
  12. I'm going to keep pushing forward with my necromancy practices here and bring this thread forth from the grave once more. Further more to this discussion from yesteryear, would someone happen to know what the condition parameter for the Hind radio's would be?
  13. Thanks for this work a few years back Sedlo. I was looking for this exact Condition Parameter for some Harrier stuff I am working on and the radio trigger thing has always evaded me, until now.
  14. Found this on another topic after quite a bit of very specific searching in case anyone else was curious. Thanks to Sedlo for his work on this one a few years back Edit: Moderators could probably delete this thread, I found a previous one.
  15. Hey scripters, I was hoping someone could help me with a pretty common script used in DCS campaigns where the player has to set his/her radio to the correct frequency before they are able to hear and/or see a message. I am looking for one in particular for the Harrier. I've dug around in the lua files and I think I've found the correct argument numbers etc but I just don't know how to put it all together into a proper script. Any help would be much appreciated. Edit: I know I'm close to figuring it out. dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path..'Radio.lua') local gettext = require("i_18n") _ = gettext.translate presets = {} if get_aircraft_mission_data ~= nil then local radio_from_mission = get_aircraft_mission_data("Radio") local uvhf_radio = radio_from_mission[1] if uvhf_radio then for i = 1,26 do presets[i] = (uvhf_radio.channels[i] or 225 ) * 1e6 end end end need_to_be_closed = true This is the Radio 1 lua file, but I am just unsure of how to enter it properly in the Do Script function of the editor
  16. AV8BNA_UTM_Cooridnates_Input_be1217eb-bda1-4d69-a174-ca61d503c516.pdf Razbam Elmo posted this a while back, should help with the UTM entering. As far as working with JDAM's...I am not your guy for that process. I have been putting off learning that part of the Harrier for some reason.
  17. Thanks for posting this QuiCon! I've started reading it and it is a great reference for what the A-10 can do!
  18. Warthog: Flying the A-10 in the Gulf War by William Smallwood is a good place to start if you are looking for information about how it was used in a conventional warfare setting. There are a few Osprey Publishing books about its use in Afghanistan as well for more of a modern look at how the Hog has been used. As for advice, just keep at it trying to learn the thing. I found that by learning the A-10 as a first module I was able to learn everything else relatively quickly after so consider yourself studying for future modules as well!
  19. Sweet! Any rough ETA? This looks really good.
  20. I think the Balkans is a no brainer with a portion of Italy for NATO forces to fly out of and the Adriatic Sea. I can't think of a better map that would suit our current list of aircraft except maybe Korea...
  21. Chuck, appreciate all the work you put into these guides. As a fellow Canadian, I salute you!
  22. I guess I should have searched it before. But its a little bizarre that just because the VR crowd had a glitch with it, it gets dumped all together. Perhaps a toggle in the settings or something could have been done, oh well. I kinda liked it. Maybe a guy should start up a rant thread like the AGM 65F. "I paid for my visor! Give me my visor Raz!!! etc etc etc etc, walls of text about visors and their authenticity etc etc etc." I joke I joke!!!
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