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  1. This is correct. You have to make gun runs throttled up as the gun is actuated with bleed air from the engine. Same here I don't know the exact RPM but it is definitely in the min 70-80% range.
  2. This is a good point, im thinking about the old Falcon 4.0 Korea map and with all of that urban build up properly modelled in DCS you'd have gaming rigs spontaneously combusting across the world. I know all I'd be left with is a molten pile of goo on my desk lol
  3. Really enjoying the campaign so, missions are simple yet challenging. In my opinion, one of the best out there for the shark. Thanks for the hard work creators!
  4. I've been giving this philosophy a try and I have to say I like it! I used to jump around with modules all the time and sort of sucked at all of them, but I've been sticking with the Ka-50 again and I am going to this whole month. I can already see my level of skill with it improving way more quickly. Thanks for sharing this idea.
  5. I just finished the second mission without trouble and so far I quite like this campaign. So far it is just the right amount of challenge for me. I appreciate the work the creator put into this one! Thanks Armen
  6. Very true. I think I'll start going back to the A-10 just because of this thread
  7. I also used to be almost exclusively a Hog and Black Shark guy, but I've found the Harrier from a systems point of view easier to jump back into from a long break than the Hog, which seems to keep me going back to it.
  8. You can do this currently, just de-select the external mounts option in the armament screen before a mission and you are completely stripped down to just the bird itself.
  9. You know the F would be awesome, the W would be cool and what I would like to see but you are right. The F has a lot of potential!
  10. Ahh gotcha. Damn internet, a person makes one slight in a sentence and someone is on them . That's cool you worked on them tho, couldn't ask for a better bird in my opinion.
  11. You may want to check into the AV8B Day attack versions performance in Desert Storm. It actually had kick ass ground attack capability, there are several books on the topic in fact.
  12. Thanks, never thought to try that, I'll give it a go.
  13. This bug has been going on for awhile now but it seems there is only one cold start position for the Huey on the Tarawa deck. Several patches ago(might have even been more than 6months) we could select from one of the 4 helo start positions on the left side of the Tarawa deck, now regardless of which parking spot is picked the Huey always starts at the bow of the ship. Not sure if this is the same with the other chopper modules as I only use the Huey. Bug or something that has been overlooked?
  14. Can confirm. At 20,000ft, engine at around 82rpms the fuel flow used to be around 077, now it sitting up around 090-094. It is definitely drinking for more fuel for sure.
  15. I've had this same problem with various mixes of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft as well.
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