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  1. Not sure what could have happened there. I think all of the triggers are working properly as I managed to get through all five missions without having to retry one. Might have been something you missed?
  2. Hi all, just a question directed towards the Tarawa. In order to get the more interactive landing ATC routines on the Tarawa do I need to own the Supercarrier module? I know in one of the open beta updates from the past we were given Marshal instructions and proper landing queues etc. but now we have the very short and sweet standard ATC replys again. Thx
  3. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. That changes things for the better for sure!:thumbup:
  4. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I have seen in the editor that there is now an 'invisible FARP' static object that can be put down. I have not tried it yet but I now assume you could put that down over a stretch of road or short airfield (there are a couple in the Georgia map) and as long as you have the accompanying units to allow refueling and rearming nearby it could possibly work? I'll have to try it sometime and report back...:thumbup:
  5. Hi editor guru's. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make the space bar an action to advance a trigger of say a message to the player. BD's campaigns often have this option available and its something I'd like to implement into some of my missions. Does this require scripting? Or can it be done using the provided tools in the editor? -I'm not familiar with lua or scripting..-:helpsmilie:
  6. Just got through the first mission. Great stuff BD :thumbup:
  7. So this mission has been fixed but NOW I am experiencing another bug. **Potential Spolier** It appears the door gunners/co pilot gunner won't engage the infantry that spawn to attack the base. I have tried the Huey in multiplayer and the door gunners/co pilot gunnery works there. Its strange because they won't engage the targets within a few hundred meters of the helo, but they will try and fling rounds waay off at some mortar site away from the base. :helpsmilie:
  8. I just tried flying Mission 6 in the Argo campaign and my door and co pilot gunners are not engaging infantry units in the open with very clear fields of view and slow speeds. They WOULD engage the mortar units that were at max range off to my south, but not infantry units within 200meters of the chopper. Seems like they are busted again.
  9. I don’t have the super carrier module and all I am getting currently is the standard ATC replies for a ground based airfield. A few patches back we were getting sea based carrier ATC replies so I don’t know what happened.
  10. This is one case where the dark powers of necromancy are used for good. I for one think this idea is a no brainer! With the Hind coming soon, it only makes sense.
  11. Sweet! Looking forward to this! Really want to keep progressing through the campaign, thanks!:thumbup:
  12. With the proposed upgrades in this thread could I also suggest we just upgrade the whole thing to the UH-1N? I think having the Huey Twin would be just about the best thing going in DCS!
  13. So much for having a differing opinion on this thread, let me alt tab back into my ace combat, which like you say, I view as the same as DCS. After all I push the button, thing dies and I feelz good baby!!
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