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  1. Getting braa calls every 2 seconds to every bandit in a 50000 nmi radius isn't helping, nor is it realistic. it's just clutter and you will just ignore it instead of constantly listening and trying to determine if it's a threat or no factor. Make it smarter. Here are my proposed changes that can only make things better, even if those changes are not perfect and could still be improved upon. However there is no need to make it perfect right away. Incremental updates can still be applied. Anything (except constant static noise or pop songs on the radio from awacs) is better than
  2. I find it most annoying that you have infinite radio range and all radio bands active in the non interactive cockpits. It's ridiculous. You get tanker calls, ALL atcs, AWACS and the carrier traffic blasted in your ears all mission long. it's quite frustrating when there is more than you flying. ATC being stupid and needing rework. I remember the first promise of this being done at least 5 years ago, yet not a single thing has been done since. And no, the "3 different eras and russian/everywhere else" is different doesn't fly. ATC is international standardized and even if there are regional dif
  3. I would add to that the ability to set pins on certain kneeboard pages that you add to the custom kneeboard folder in saved games. I want to add the f/a-18 emergency checklists and it's 200 pages. I'd like to add pins for the different chapters and possibly one for every new alphabet letter. Would be great if you can label them, too. like 1 or 2 letters would be enough even.
  4. I use the cannon at 4km to take out soft targets without issues. you just need a single round of HE to kill an infantry or a no/light armored target like a truck or zu-23 emplacement. rockets on the other hand I can shoot 80 of them downrange at 1km and not kill a single thing. in real life they would leave nothing but shrapnel covered body parts, but in dcs it's like shooting blanks that only kill when you get them in the face.
  5. Sure, rockets are area weapons and are not meant to take out tanks. But when a rocket lands 2ft next to a fuel truck and it still doesn't take it out, then that's just silly. The tires would be popped, the tank perforated and the driver's body would contain 20% shrapnel by weight (read: he's dead). If you hit a tank with an HE rocket head on, you'd certainly not kill it (blow it up and kill the crew), but you'd detrack it, you'd kill the optics, possibly bend the barrel, destroy the antenna, etc. For all intents and purposes it's out of action and needs to be either field repaired or
  6. Well, given the prior behavior patterns of ED I extrapolate the following, likely course of action from ED regarding the ka-50: - Hype for update and features with some preliminary 3d modeling work (completed) - open visual studio (completed) - realize it's an unsalvageable mess (completed) - No further updates/communication (completed) - End of 2020: Anounce that Ka-50-III has been postponed in favor of Mi-24 and Ah-64 and that development will continue after they have been released/progressed (promised release date: soon(tm), actual release date: late(tm)) (co
  7. I consistently get the same error as some described here for years. You range some ground with the laser on and it stays stable. the laser countdown starts. As soon as the laser countdown is done the range jumps from some range that was reasonable, say 7km, to something ridiculous instantaniously, say 0.1km. Then the shkval tries to keep the "100m" target in view, going nuts even in a relatively stable hover. This can happen even with reasonable laser use. The other thing is of course the contrast lock, which seems to be more or less: if (timeofday > 9:00 &
  8. What do you mean ED wants to get more close range engagements? It doesn't matter what they want. What they should want is to produce something as close to reality as possible, not make amraam ranges be 15 nmi just to get people to use their 20nmi heaters.
  9. Harpoons do not do reasonable damage. I shot at a Molniya, which is the smallest military ship available. The two harpoons that did hit did 0% and 37% damage against this tiny ship that is 1/20th the size of the missile. (two missiles missed because of another bug). A gun run did more damage than two harpoons combined. This is very questionable. In comparison with other anti ship missiles harpoons do so little damage they are ineffective. https://forums.eagle.ru/filedata/fetch?id=7147837
  10. Harpoons (fired RBL from F18C) can not pull up in time when fired at ~40 nmi with the settings RBL, LOW, SKIM. HarpoonsSuck.trk
  11. Currently naval combat is very limited. Combined arms controls are clunky and not functioning and even somewhat unintuitive. I have the following suggestions to improve this. 1.) Manual naval gun fire is single shot only and takes several dozen seconds to complete one shot while full auto capabilities are nearly 2 shots per second for some guns. However this is only done by the ai, not able to be done by a human and can't be commanded via the interface. In that regard I would like an updated interface to fire X rounds on target at the maximum fire rate (same interface could work for artil
  12. On the hud panel is a switch to control which altitude is displayed on the hud. Radar, Barometric or Auto. In Auto mode it should switch to radar mode when below a certain altitude AGL (I believe it's 5000ft, could be wrong though). This does not happen.
  13. When selecting S-J the aircraft should go into a special jettison mode that does not fire weapons. However I had an aim-9 fired when I hit weapon release. Steps to reproduce: 1. Load a center tank and some Aim-9x and take off 2. Select A-A mode 3. Master Arm On 4. Select aim-9x 5. Select S-J and highlight the tank 6. Wep Release Expected behavior: Tank is dropped Observed behavior: Tank is dropped Missile is fired This is very dangerous and wastes ammo on a plane that doesn't carry much to begin with.
  14. The aim 9x solid tone when locking a target is not changed when lowering the volume on the msl vol knob on the volume panel. At very low setting it still blasts my ears and then all the way down it suddenly just turns off.
  15. Version 2.5.6 When you select selective jettison after putting the SMS page on the left MFD without deleting it from the right mfd first by blanking it or setting a different page to the OSB, then the SMS page will be displayed on teh right MFD again. Steps to reproduce: 1. Start Aircraft - SMS will be on the right MFD 2. Select any page on the left MFD 3. Select it again to go into page select mode 4. Select SMS - SMS should have disappeared from the right MFD as it happens in the F16 when you do that 5. On the left MFD SMS page select S
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