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  1. Hi Baltic, Reading through the thread I understand that this issue seems to be random but just wanted to provide you some more information. This is the third time I'm flying through the campaign but is the first time I'm experiencing the issue of Prince flying into the water. I'd never heard of this issue before so it caught me off guard the first time (and I flew into the water after him...). As I had been below 10K the first time I replayed the mission with the focus of keeping the fight above 10K. However, on the second attempt, despite being at 20K, Prince still dove into the w
  2. Thanks! Totally missed the hotfix, my mistake. Thanks for replying so quickly!
  3. Hi, loving the campaign but I'm having an issue in Mission 5 (Alpha Strike) and can't progress Thanks for your help.
  4. Same thing happened to me. I also opted to not AAR. I had to use the workaround you provided for Missions 13&14 to progress.
  5. Thanks Baltic. Just wanted to say it works now with no issues. Cheers!
  6. Hi Baltic. Unfortunately when I tried M17 again the convoy carrying the HVA still isn't moving... So the mission can't progress after the destruction of the first targe.
  7. Just wanted to say I flew the mission last night with no issues. Thanks for the fix!
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. It's similar to the issue I was having to in M17 of Enemy Within 3.0 which has persisted even after the hotfix so I thought they might be related. I'll wait for the next update and let you know if any issues persist after that.
  9. Sorry to bug you again, but I was playing mission 1 of the coup d'etat campaign and the truck doesn't move from the crash site when it's been reported as doing so. As a result the mission can't proceed any further. Please let me know if you need any further details.
  10. Hi, I tried M17 on the latest OB and the convoy carrying the HVA isn't moving. I destroyed the first target but the mission seems to hang at that point because the convoy doesn't progress. I did not attack any other targets. If it's something I'm doing wrong please let me know.
  11. Awesome thanks Baltic! Love your campaigns and really appreciate the effort you put in keeping them up to date.
  12. Hi Baltic, unfortunately the gazelles still refuse to shoot at Max and so the mission is stuck in the same spot. I've tried it twice since the latest open beta update but no luck.
  13. Thanks for the prompt reply and resolving so quickly.
  14. First, great campaign! I'm re-flying and really enjoying it. In the latest Open Beta, I'm on Mission 15 and Max and his wingman don't get shot down by the Gazelles preventing the mission from progressing. I circled for about 15minutes and the Gazelles made it up to 20 000ft which was interesting to see. I even tried to shooting the Gazelles down early but they are still "invincible"... Thanks for your help and really enjoy all of your campaigns.
  15. Have the Red Flag campaign as well and also agree with your decision making. Love flying the viggen and congrats on this milestone! Looking forward to flying the new campaign.
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