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  1. Funny enough, now that you have requested a message from Error Log, my DCS started being more stable.
  2. 0. First dcs.log correctly picks up an 8GB pagefile, this has been increased to 32GB. 1. Running long-lasting tests for CPU, memory, and ovearall stress is something I have already done, no faults. I’ve increased amount of pagefile since the original post, it is now set at 32GB permanenty - what would you expect to change if dynamic sizing would be allowed? I’ll start logging these values from other software then. To my eye, which lacks insight into DCS under the hood, scenario to trigger an overflow is rather simple - fly in a vanilla (as in, no mods) multiplayer server, keep
  3. I am running Defender only, and these folders are already defined as exceptions.
  4. C:\Users\ags>wmic pagefile list /format:list AllocatedBaseSize=32768 CurrentUsage=227 Description=C:\pagefile.sys InstallDate=20210108133840.734843+000 Name=C:\pagefile.sys PeakUsage=1476 Status= TempPageFile=FALSE And dxdiag is attached. VRAM usage still keeps climbing. DxDiag.7z
  5. Cleaned mods, played online, VRAM kept growing, crashed around <21GB occupied. Track, dcs.log, and gpu-z log https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7yh244grqsbel1e/AAC2t023eaOoZXgPP0SgCxhLa?dl=0
  6. hardware ID mismatch is easily explained by a bios update.
  7. I'm experiencing repeated crashes with 2021-01-07 21:30:18.619 ERROR DX11BACKEND: failed to create structed buffer. Reason: E_OUTOFMEMORY 2021-01-07 21:30:18.619 ERROR DX11BACKEND: CreateShaderResourceView FAILED. Reason: E_INVALIDARG I'm on a not-overclocked 5950x, using a G1, and a non-overclocked MSI 3090. Current OS, drivers and DCS openbeta. Logs attached, and an gpu-z log as well, that shows memory usage growth. Windows is a fresh install (Sunday, 3rd Jan). Help appreciated. gpuz_log2020g.7z dcs.7z dcs.log.old.7z
  8. Both are free flight, F18, PG, low level one way, reverse, low level the other, but driven by hand.
  9. This looks great, as long as somebody plays low fi models in SP. Throwing in a high fidelity model, and everything goes away. Similar low level passes over Persian Gulf produce:
  10. After speaking to HP, I will need to get a replacement, it's not a fault of DCS - there is miscalibration in the device. For comparison, here is a G1 screenshot:
  11. Hi. After spending time on getting x570 + G2 work together, I stumbled into another problem - image is misaligned, and this effect is magnified when using spot zoom, see picture: (horizontal line and 45 degree lines are for reference) I've tried cross eye tool, but I can't get both normal and zoomed picture work well together. Naturally, G1 had no problems in this domain.
  12. Hi. I am a software engineer by day, and enjoy flight simulators by hobby, and this particular software family since Flanker times. I do admire the effort and workload put into DCS, and what many great things it allows. I know very well software is hard, living with a legacy codebase is harder, and that the domain of high-fidelity simulation is another step in complexity. What doesn’t resonate with my professional point of view, is the reduced frequency and unpredictable cadence of releases, and their detrimental effect to perceived quality. I do not claim to say whether it should be
  13. Hi, I'm on a reverb, and sometimes get head limits, sometimes don't. Some people suggested it would be first flight of the day, first multiplayer takeoff, second multiplayer takeoff, etc - but so far it's not a rule, it comes and goes. I've tried to find a pattern, but I can only call it random. I first had it in Spit, recently saw in Hornet. Today, in the hornet? Nothing.
  14. And all the other things will be gradually added to the e-store with Early Access option available.
  15. This could be mentioned in the briefing, maybe even as a kneeboard page, it's too surprising! (just started the campaign, and I thought I'm doing something terribly wrong)
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