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  1. So what sets those plane apart? Why should I consider purchasing it if I own the D-9? The 9 is a higher number so it is better? :helpsmilie:
  2. Thanks for the replies, it worked later. Files did show up and later got published :)
  3. Hi, do new mods need to be approved or why cant I see my mod in the list or when visiting the "my files" page? I thought it was something with my browser and tried edge with the same result, upload says complete and links to the my file page which is empty. Edit: The tomcat is also missing from the Unit list in the user files section.
  4. Well 64GB sounds future proof :D And you could play almost all other games that are smaller than ~50GB from an ramdisk *_*
  5. If that is the round white button infront of the wing sweep handle yes. Another theory: Do the wings block sweeping under G load?
  6. What contradiction are you reading out of that? That is exactly what I meant. Not necessary, but maybe a nice extra once the important stuff is done. Yeah that would also be awesome :)
  7. For now the transition between RIO and Pilot is boring and immersion breaking. Can we get a quick camera flight through the cockpit please? It would look so cool!
  8. Yeah that is what got all these different release hypes going in my opinion. I think a release date was "internally discussed" early this month. That was another one of these moments ^^
  9. I wonder how many people got a notification as soon as this was pushed :D
  10. There was no exact timeframe, but I can second this. IIRC the wording was something like "A lot of notice will be given before release"
  11. I just printed >100 pages in booklet format on paper and made it into an ugly booklet to have a better than digital reading experience. Anyone interested in bulk ordering soft cover books when the manual reaches maturity?
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