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  1. DayGlow seemed to get it right. Changed my WMR settings to Best Visual Quality and it looks like it cured the problem.
  2. Great post yaga2! Thanks for that. Nice to know the issue is known, by users and ED. Time will tell, perhaps DCS needs to pull in native support for WMR. In the meantime, I'll stick with my Rift and wait to see what happens, or spend more time in FS2020.
  3. Using my G2 I find that as objects (trees, buildings, ridglines) are approached the image is created in one eye prior to the other, temporarily creating a "cross eye" type effect. Haven't found the WMR debug tool to be any help with this however. Anyone else have this problem? It is unique to DCS, not a problem in my other simulators. I have gone back to the Oculus Rift for DCS as it does not have the same issue.
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