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  1. I cannot agree more with the original poster. I would dream for instance of a very early F-15A for fictional, but nevertheless realistic USA/USSR Cold War scenarios, for instance in Alaska or in Groenland. "Seventies" option would also allow to have, I think, more easily Russian aircrafts with clickable cockpits (there will never be a "Red" aircraft in DCS to go against the coming Eurofighter Typhoon). Also, Sparrow only equiped US fighters are, at least for me, much more interesting, as these less performing missiles (when compared to the AMRAAM) would permit much more interest
  2. I uninstalled everything and did a new clean install with Avast being shut down. It worked. So, it's the antivirus which did the mess.
  3. Same problem. Did the "exceptions" solution (on Avast) The game still doesn't start (everything was ok before the latest update)
  4. "Having the right assets is a start, many uniforms were different colour, many cars and tanks had different modifications to them as did aircraft and the bf109 trop and the spitfire with the dust filter are good examples of this." In a sim, in which 109 K-4 and 190 D-9 are always used on areas they never flew, this is not an argument.
  5. "Operation Steinbock" Are the Do-217 and the He-177 planned ? "Intercepting V-1s." Is the Tempest planned ? Basically, we have not the planes for such a period and also those combats were rather limited. "they are thinking ahead to releasing earlier-era aircraft (thus, DCS Battle-of-Britain)?" What a good idea, this would be totally new, never done in any flight sim ! So, we have already "study" aircrafts, now this is a "study" map.
  6. A Channel map for late war piston fighters, why ?
  7. I fully agree with the OP, but it's not a problem specific to DCS, it's the same in every sims, basically everybody playing useless furballs in the middle of the map without any kind of objectives or minimal military tactics. It was the same 15 years ago with IL2, it will stay the same unless some automatic events generator is implemented in the game, forcing the players to play in a clever way.
  8. +2 I would even pay for a "clouds" addon.
  9. "...unless you fly unhder british flag..." Different wings, but I don't think this would be a problem for all the arcade servers.
  10. This is why (among many reasons) a Cold War European map is more than welcome.
  11. This is why photogrammetry is now a "must".
  12. And real air wars like Korea and Vietman will be available for playing when I'm 112 years old.
  13. The A-9 fighter is more similar to the A-8 fighter than the F-8 attack aircraft btw. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/241553-fw-190-a9/
  14. Just a detail, as DCS is a SIMULATION. The A-9 flew during WWII, not the Spit 24. So no for the Spit 24, but I would nevertheless not be against a Seafire 47 for a Korea map.
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