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  1. Awesome, thanks for this idea. Just ordered one in good condition for AU$28 from World of Books!
  2. I have found the radio menu continually keeps appearing without me pressing the button. It will appear, I then press the radio menu button to make it disappear, but it reappears again. The subtitled text from things like jester's instructions keep bouncing from the top of the screen to the bottom as a result of this. I haven't yet tried to see if it happens outside of the Zone V campaign but it seems only to have started happening after the last update.
  3. I would start by turning down the clutter/trees and preload radius, at least only halfway along. Even though my PC specs are very similar to yours, I only use VR so mine are down lower, but it will still help. I turn my cockpit resolution displays down to 512 as well, along with lower shadows and civ traffic too. Do you really need DoF on too? The F-14 module is an AMAZING module. Yes it can be taxing on the system but it is WELL worth it. Best wishes.
  4. Wonderful, that's great to hear! It's the summer holidays now here, and it didn't feel right to spend hot days at the beach playing with the boys while the cat is grounded at home. Looking forward to this hotfix immensely! :)
  5. Thanks I didn't know that! It's great to learn more about it so long after the fact. I think it was the first week of January on the ship's way home so those dates make sense. I remember feeling so ecstatic as an 11 year old Tomcat-obsessed boy going from only seeing them in books and in the game Afterburner (was a week or so before I first saw Top Gun lol) to being up close and personal in the most isolated city on Earth where almost nothing ever happens... now I'm 39 and still obsessing but in DCS with VR....
  6. I feel this too. In early '93 I got to plentifully touch one of the low-viz VF-1 cats on board the Ranger when it was docked in my home town in Western Australia returning from the Gulf. The high-viz CAG bird was securely roped off but the low-viz (can't remember the number though) was out in the open for all to touch, caress and poke - my hands were beautifully black and greasy by the end of it. The tactile connection was amazing, I seriously think it stands out far, far more than my first time with a girl. It was a real PR exercise. I even remember my dad lifting me up so I could look down t
  7. Amazing. The cat at its original and best. Well done!
  8. I can't seem to find any information in the briefings about the ICLS channel. I find it really difficult to land on the carrier without it, how else might I be able to find out what channel it is? Thanks heaps :)
  9. Thanks for this - so far it's terrific! We really needed another good PG campaign, especially for SP.
  10. Hey Bailey I've always used your VA profile, it rocks! Only lately I've noticed the phrases "jester - select waypoint 1,2,3/fixed point/go home" etc phrases no longer work, even though everything else seems to still work ok. I do have VAICOM Pro installed, only because it removes the player voice when giving commands. I don't know how to do that manually since all the voice files were changed in an update. 0. i have read the readme 1. Qwerty 2. I use a button on my hotas throttle for the comms menu 3. Yes currently installed 4. Australia 5. I put the F14PilotKeyboard file you inclu
  11. Because I use VoiceAttack I always delete the 'player' and 'NAVY_player' sound folders inside the Sounds/ENG/Common folder after every update. After this update I can no longer find the files to delete, only a Sounds.edc folder is there now containing no sound files, am I having a brainless moment?
  12. I'm still waiting on mine, too. :( There's a guy on here from Adelaide that got his a couple of weeks back, so there's a chance it might show up soon... hopefully... :noexpression:
  13. I realize there's nothing explicitly about (VR) performance in the changelog, but I swear something's changed to make it run a wee bit smoother in VR. is HB experimenting on the population with 'silent' fixes? If so, thanks. Every extra frame counts in VR F-14.
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