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  1. Hello all,


    I will be updating Operating Piercing Fury this week for Single Player (Campaign) and Coop Versions. I hope to have them tested and complete by this weekend (fingers crossed). Sometimes missions in multiplayer act differently than in single player. I will be posting the files in the User Files Section once complete, I will update this post when they are ready. I will be updating using the stable release DCS version at this time. If anyone is interested in how I edit and test missions, please feel free to drop by my Youtube Channel (link in signature) tomorrow night (around 7-730 CST), could be a good training opportunity for those interested.

  2. If ED wants us to continue supporting campaigns they will either continue to update this or unlock it.



    Thanks for your work Ranger, I am glad I got the chance to play the campaign. :)

    Thank you for the kinds words, good news coming soon!



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  3. DCS/ED and I have been in contact, I believe the files will be unlocked very shortly. Once unlocked I don't mind editing or assisting with any broken missions or converting for coop which will be awesome.


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  4. Thank you very much for the update.


    Have you thought about uploading them in the user files section? It's a pity that ED doesn't want to update it on a continual basis because from what I've read it's one of the best campaigns for the A-10. But maybe that way someone from the community could take care of it?




    Bonzo :pilotfly:

    It's not that easy, it's upto ED/DCS


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  5. TO ALL:


    I started a new job (different facility) in the same corporation I have worked for the past 10 years last summer. Due to the new position and requirements I had a conflict of interest with my small business supporting ED / DCS. I had a wonderful time working with ED / DCS, and believe me OPF was my baby for along time. I have offered every file (missions, documents, etc) of the campaign to the team, however they have no one to update on a continual basis. I would love for the campaign and files to be unlocked so people can play and also play it in MP how it was suppose to be played! Anyone on the DCS/ED team need the files, please get ahold of me.



  6. Yes. then after a short while comes a message that there's an attack on Kutaisi AB, and a reply that we're on our way to help, then a message for us to contact at 20 clicks out.

    Nothing else happens later, no message, no F10 menu.

    I went in and out 20 miles to try and trigger something, also went all the way to the base, then landed,


    Hint: You sure it Kutaisi AB under attack or Kobuleti?


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  7. So i reckon the best way to play this campaign is buying the current version in the ED store. But, the OP makes me believe that it initially was planned to be multiplayer/coop playable. Now, is the payed version only SP, or does it support coop? Since payed campaign are DRM protected i know of no way of changing the wingman from ai to client cause you can't save it.
    The campaign is singleplayer only.


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