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  1. Seriously yes, we need more cold war AI assets like this. Stuff like TU-16s, or SU-15 Flagons.
  2. I wouldn't hold your breath. Just trying to figure out how to have more than one TCS pod option has already proven a hurdle, and there's already a low chance of us even getting the slightly older Block 95 for the US. I don't think there's any chance of a Block 75 showing up in any form due to having to totally rework even more of the jet.
  3. Unfortunately I have a feeling the answer is that either the documents themselves can't be found, or the Navy is keeping a close hold and not even wanting to do redacted versions of them. It would be nice to somehow request just the PTID's info from the various manuals and training courses but again, docs either shredded or locked away. You also have to consider where the info goes after the FOIA, they may have concerns about any of the info, even if declassified, being put into a sim owned by a non-US entity.
  4. Right now every time I try to hop in and fly, I get more annoyed by the rest of the DCS engine (you know, UFO AI jets, 3d asset models from 1995, missiles and Jester doing lord knows what except killing targets, "Supercarriers" that still only have 4 terrible spawn points, bombs that have no splash damage to speak of that kind of kills the mood of doing some CAS, and the fact that ED chose to lock up all the LUAs that helped with some of those issues), to the point where I get a lot more enjoyment out of researching and painting jets. I mean yeah, we got pretty new clouds for taking screenshot
  5. That said, there were features per block that were known, ie. older blocks wouldn't have had certain features unless upgraded, but newer blocks for certain had, like the ALQ-126 antennas. I believe Block 110 is where the new style beaver tail and ALQ-126 were added and included on subsequent blocks. So most Block 110 and higher should be visually almost indistinguishable, and systems wise few changes were made. Blocks lower than that had some minor changes like the added nose alpha probe I think at Block 95, and of course the "standard" beaver tail that was used after to the origin
  6. I believe some of the B Upgrade stuff included GPS integrations to combine with INS or replace it? There's a training doc draft from 1998 floating around out there that lays out the highlights of the B (Upgrade) programs: https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/docs/ntsp-F14.pdf I've been digging through it a few times to see if perhaps there are training courses or materials that could be somehow requested, or at least redacted copies with only specific portions for the PTID, but I suspect it will be the same issue of either "classified" or "shredded/disposed of".
  7. It looks like by 1997 VF-103 had Bs with the GPS antenna, but the angles I have for 95/96 don't show it. I swear I saw them listed in one of the detailed studies of LANTIRN feasibility that they were the fleet squadron that did a bunch of the testing and technically got it first, so they'd be the first ones I'd expect to see it on. Do you guys have a listing of the menus on the PTID? I'd guess you have at least partials for the radar and LANTIRN pages but 12 pages seems like a lot of functions. I'd be curious how many of them were even implemented on the jet. Who knows, might find
  8. True on the D fishbowl, but I think it's been hashed out as being an entirely different animal to the A/B one. I guess the way I look at it, is that if we're representing the "as first tested" from what, 1994-1996 timeframe that VF-103 and whichever other squadrons were involved with LANTIRN tests as the way to have LANTIRN and fishbowl, then I'm still curious if they had to install the GPS antenna at that time or not. I guess the place to look then is VF-103 from about 1995-1999 and see when GPS domes showed up. Because it may be that the initial tests without the PTID were also b
  9. So first, I must ceremoniously insert foot into mouth, if we go off of the ~1999+ timeframe of A models and LANTIRN, then the GPS dome does appear prominently. I was under the impression those domes were tied to the integrated GPS in-cockpit that replaced or supplemented the INS system but it appears it was needed for the LANTIRN's GPS. Around that time RIOs were using store bought GPS units (which might be fun to try and model). I also retract my statements about the ALR-67 blisters by the glove vanes, I went back and did a closer comparison to the F-14D areas and they are
  10. To be fairrrrr, Block does matter, as certain blocks "must" have certain features and equipment, while earlier Blocks "may" have been upgraded to a similar electronics or system, they also may not have received all of the visual cues or equipment of a later block. Just as the D model has features not seen on the B and A, some blocks and upgraded blocks had features not seen on previous blocks upgraded to the same "Standard". Case in point, presenting a Block 135 in any for means, at a minimum, there were equipment features that MUST be there, the aforementioned ALQ-126 antennas by
  11. Not "early", but "As it rolled off the Grumman line in 1983-85 or so". And yes. But also no. Many jets rolled out with the "bullet fairing", and had the TCS installed in their destination squadron as they were available. Some were probably shipped out with the TCS complete. But the 135 should have either a bullet fairing or full TCS. Hell there were still Tomcats rolling around in the late 80s to early 90s with no TCS and just the ALQ-100 in the Reserves. I personally have vested most of my time researching VF-201 and VF-202, who primarily received the early NATC/Pax Ri
  12. I've been digging into this a lot lately. A proper "Block 135" jet from when it was produced is going to have quite a few little visual differences, and the aforementioned system differences. To get to a mid 80s Block 135 as delivered, you'd need to take the existing jet and remove: - The "blisters" just forward of the wing gloves that are part of the ALR-67 RWR. - The blister on the left nose landing gear door. - The GPS antenna on the spine that theoretically none of the represented A or B models should have. - Disable LANTIRN, but potential
  13. Went back and followed the suggested "-2" thing, and it's working perfectly now. This tool is definitely a big help!
  14. You're in too far to quit.
  15. Gigabytes of my own skins for A and B, no crashes. Only issue I had like yours was tied to VPC ground assets mod and the lighting towers, caused a total lock at 1/61 or whatever.
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