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  1. Because some of the photographers make a living off their photos, put them in books, etc. and they've gotten really edgy about people grabbing photos and heading off with them, then using them in articles, publications, etc. without any credits. I know of at least 2-3 that are extrememly strict and you have to attribute any photos you post or they won't allow the post, they block photos from airfighters, airliners.net, etc. because they think they will get sued. The photo in question is actually of Vance Moon at VX-4 and was posted just the other day in the Tomcat Assoc
  2. It's among the model fixes submitted to them a while back including the NACA duct change, some UVW map tweaks, and a few other things that were already addressed. With them working on further early A and late A, plus Iran A changes I expect we will see the fixes rolled in when those model updates are complete. Temporary water based camo, usually used for adversary stuff at NAS Fallon, sometimes for TARPS stuff like the Reconnaissance Air Meet, might have been used in the Gulf War as well. There's pics around, VF-24 had a few jets that way, VF-211 has, VF-124, and a few other squa
  3. BC7 is what Heatblur used, I usually use Linear BC7 myself.
  4. As I churn through VF-201 and VF-202, I might could take a look at it. Got a lot on my plate but I may also drop this in the DCS Livery group Discord and see if anyone is interested.
  5. I think the Tomcat being heavily analog really nails down the need for headtracking or VR in DCS, because you need to be able to look at a few things all at the same time. I especially notice this on carrier approaches, I'm still pretty bad at getting the timings of the turns, altitude, and speed on point because I don't have a good consistent head tracker solution nor the horsepower for VR, but being able to monitor speed, altitude, and sink rate while rapidly looking over your shoulder to check where you are near the boat seems like an absolute must, and Hat switches just aren't cutting it.
  6. Hell I'd take M3/Leatherneck doing an F-4S, if Heatblur decides to move forwards with the A-6 Intruder. I made my statements under the impression ED was going to chest paddle the E at some point but it seems they've completely lost their way with the Viper, Apache, Hind, and Mosquito all taking up their energies. The time to do a Phantom was now as Japan is retiring theirs, that was the perfect window for references and sound samples. ED possibly backing out of the Phantom changes things. I'm thankful for the Tomcat and forthcoming Crusader, and maybe Intruder. We do need some cont
  7. And, F-4N or S gives the possibility of modeling VTAS potentially, the precursor to the JHMCS. I believe VF-154 and some other squadrons used it for a while, though the common complaint was that the helmets were too bulky under G loads and I don't think the missiles were quite up to the task yet. The sad reality is that ED will probably scrap what was done on the E and say it wasn't up to par with current production levels or something.
  8. I still want us to have BOTH, the exported and USAF used E models, AND a Navy version or two. My point was that ED had already done tons on the E, let them get off their asses and finish it instead of the random modules they keep offering. The E being developed I think was a Gulf War era, so not really right for Vietnam anyways. Again there's the push for only the latest/greatest "most capable" variants that sometimes are harder to document, but at least an E of some kind could still stand in for USAF, Japan, Greece, Turkey, and Israel, plus Iran and the Germans if we forgive that they had the
  9. There are some oddities in the actual UVW mapping that might have led to this. Typically, the EXT 1 and 3 textures, which represent the Starboard side of the jet (jet's right from the cockpit). In the textures, these sides are "mirrored" or reversed in terms of text, numbers, etc. The EXT 1 and 4 representing the Port side are regular in the textures. HOWEVER For whatever reason, the leading edges where the glove vanes are are somehow flipped. On the EXT 3 you have to put the text regular, and on EXT 4 you have to reverse the text! So, I have a feeling that if those ant
  10. @Victory205 does it perhaps involve an airshow?
  11. Because, depending on what details you want, a Pilot and RIO have different patches, firstly the Pilot and NFO patches/wings are different, and quite often the ones on their suits were as well. For the 99% of users here, totally irrelevant. But for folks looking to put together specific jets and crews, or recreating specific photos, it can matter. Not every pilot might have a Top Gun Patch, or their RIO might not. Sometimes pilots flying with HGU-55 helmet but RIO using an HGU-33, weird stuff like that. Even RIOs from a different squadron, I believe "Bio" has mentioned pilots and RIOs sometime
  12. *Sigh* You can have separate Pilot and RIO helmets. You cannot have separate Pilot and RIO bodies at this time. The LOD only has one helmet slot and it will apply it to both helmets. There are no "implications", we've been able to have the separate helmets since the beginning. Heatblur has to actually define a separate area for the RIO helmet in the LOD, and they would need to do the same with the pilot body to the RIO body and give it a separate reference ID for the LUA so it can use a separate file. Heatblur is in the process of re
  13. The file does not allow for separate helmets, nor is the Tomcat currently set up for separate Pilot and RIO bodies.
  14. Somewhere in the mix there will be a TCS bullet fairing for when the housing is there but no TCS inside. And they also have mentioned doing the TCS-less style with just the ECM ALQ-100 nub under there, like the Iranian cats and jets that lacked the housing entirely. The question will be can we use those options on each A model separately because there were even later As that had no TCS but all the other later features.
  15. I saw that, and saw something of that when I was getting the paint template for the EA-6B. DCS could really use a F9F Panther, and with ED adding that little change so we can make anything carrier capable, that might actually be almost possible now. Add that to the EFM work that the A-4E-C team have done and perhaps a "template" of sorts could be created for WW2 and Korea era jets to get more of them in game. If only we actually had a Korea map, yet constantly crickets from ED whenever asked why we have 2 Korea jets and no map.
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