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  1. Good to know :) I'll tweak the file so, waiting for the official update ^^ Thx !
  2. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice this Any ED guys to validate that or not plz ?
  3. Hello Guys, Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but when I set a mission in 1995, with historical mode on, i'm unable to find F-14B, neither F-14A, for the US faction. Oh and it's on the PG map, don't think it change any things as it's not explain by ED in the patch note, but anyway you got the information. On the other hand, wikipedia says that this aircraft was out of service in 2006, and in service from 1974. So is there something i'm doing wrong or not ? Thx Krapouk
  4. Well well well. So https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/viper/ says that we will have GPS-guided bombs, so clearly JDAM (any other GPS typed bomb in view ??) JDAM needs use of GPS, so this F-16C need to be GPS equiped. Then having GPS, the system time must be synchonised automaticaly with it, unless set otherwise manually. Unless the https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/viper/ page is inaccurate, wich would be another problem
  5. Hello BigNewy, With my squadron we have a multiplayer mission on caucasus, taking place during evening / night, and when returning to Tbilisi, we never have a single light on runway (no center line, side light, nor taxiway), only the papi is on, but the ILS is working correctly (we set the ground wind to 8 kts minimum to force DCS to select the good runway + activate ILS) We have played this mission 4 times, and each time no lights, so no random here. Do you want me to send you the mission for your test ? Krapouk
  6. You're absolutely right, nothing to do with this problem that's right. I'm just trying to have an answer and get the focus from ED, as they haven't answer me in the other post months ago.
  7. Hello all Logically we should only have even in VR a green circle in witch googles are making their job, and outside of this circle should only be the cockpit. With my squadron it is a real issue, because as all the screen is in green, their is a lot of informations unreadble like all the MDF with Radar / Navigation / SMS, it's just unpossible to work this way :-/ ED plz can you give an answer about that ? And a date of patch would be greatly appriacieted, meanwhile we don't fly at night anymore ... Thx, Krapouk
  8. Hello BigNewy, Good to see ED still answer in this section. Could you plz make me an update on this one year old awaited patch plz ? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=217365&page=2 Thx by advance, Krapouk
  9. Guys, honestly, the last time you sayed that the patch is coming, was 2 years ago ... Sorry, MORE than 2 years ago by now ... Is theyr any possibility that finally you REALLY do what you sayed, and finally fixe that aircraft ?? I own a Yak52 in France, and each time I fly on DCS, i'm crying. Temperature not working Unable to set manually Gyro ADF not working at all Flight model still not accurate, for an aerobatic aircraft that's a joke Ok it's not a trial, but plz guys, I payed a full price for a full simulated Yak52. So once for all, finish what I payed for plz Sorry to be
  10. I deeplly agree with you ! I too don't understant how they can add so much new bug, unrelated to the new features :doh: By the way, all of that mean that they need to change something inside their team, and as you sayed, first the developpers that really have to test initially a better way what they do, and then ED bêta tester to deeply understand the product. Maybe the bêta tester team is a young one.
  11. Unfortunatly, I confirm all of the above too :-/ But luckly, this is only on the Beta currently. I guess they will (they have to at least) correct all of that before going to Stable version ! On the very last update from Beta to Stable, they broke basic stuff on the F-5E (unable to use taxi / landing lights now ...) Anyway, remember that all your real flights / training / mission are to be played on the Stable version. Beta exist only to find out bugs amongs the new features and help ED correct them ^^
  12. In ou squadron, since the begining of this "incredible damn new bug", sorry feature :megalol: we never never never activate that on our training / mission ...
  13. @Blackeye Was it via the mission editor where you've set your own hot start ramp / runway ? With a specific time of day ? Still nothing here :-//
  14. The very first post was 12-28-2015 5 years later, still not fixed ^^ Well well, i'm still in love with Razbam :lol:
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