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  1. Stable updates are simply the beta updates at a later time. Beta hasn’t seen a fix for this yet.
  2. Most likely placebo effect. Happens way more often than them tweaking a flight model without mentioning it in patch notes.
  3. What good will jhmcs be if you can’t see a target to look at and lock up? I’d go nvg for sure.
  4. Sorry for not understanding your question fully. In terms of handling in landing configuration, the only stick input required is roll input. Roll should not require excessive stick deflection to achieve, gentle movements are possible. A small curve might help (I have 20 curve on just about every plane for roll, pitch, and yaw). Yaw shouldn't be required in a Carrier landing, but may be for field landings in a crosswind. Pitch should not be used at all, once you trim to on-speed angle of attack.
  5. If it's realistic as an option (it appears that it is) I am all for it. I imagine it's really obnoxious for the multiplayer folks who can't time accelerate.
  6. What an odd situation! If you're merged you've gotta deal with the closest and biggest threat, the guy you're merged with. I guess technically you could lob a missile quickly at a distant enemy and then continue turning with your bandit, but you'd be giving up angles to your bandit and you'd be unable to support a missile against a distant enemy, not to mention the difficulties in properly IFFing an enemy on your radar while in a turning fight with another merged bandit. If you can pull this off accurately, more power to you, but this seems rather unnecessary!
  7. Every airplane is different. The Hornet has unique fly by wire control laws. This must be how ED decided to model things to best represent the aircraft in their eyes.
  8. I don't have a VKB stick but here are my mappings, based as closely as possible with the real Hornet HOTAS, in case it helps:
  9. This is worth testing but I've definitely seen the RWR in multiple aircraft light up when my wingman was STT locked many times over the years. I don't know the azimuth limits to how this is modeled in DCS, but it sounds like you were within 90 degrees of the other flight which may have been within the cone of the tracking radar.
  10. As others have said, the RWR can detect the change in frequency when an enemy radar goes into STT mode, even if it's not directly at your own jet, as long as you're within the radar cone. Real life SOP, as I understand it, is when such a signal is detected everyone in the flight tries to get eyes on the missile quickly so they can determine who it's tracking on. Read lots of accounts of this in various memoirs. Without eyes on missile, everyone should assume they're the ones being locked and go defensive immediately.
  11. I believe what REC does is record the incoming frequencies and types of signals so that when XMIT is selected, there is less or no delay in emitting a deceptive jamming signal tailored to that incoming frequency. It also likely records those signals for later analysis back home. In DCS, I suspect REC does nothing.
  12. It's correct. The flight computer system coordinates your turns for you at all times. In flight, rudder is only ever useful in very slow speed high AOA dogfighting situations, where you can use it to do some cool maneuvers. Outside of that, it's limited by the computers.
  13. Auto steerpoint mode can be enabled or disabled on the STPT page of the DED, if my memory is correct. Just hit the SEQ button (dobber right) on that page.
  14. AOA is indicated during landing configuration by the location of the E-bracket in your hud relative to the flight path marker (velocity vector). A perfectly trimmed aircraft for on-speed AOA has the E-bracket centered on the flight path marker, at which point you can fly without touching pitch on your joystick, since the flight computer will hold that AOA for you. The only other way to know your trim would be to look at the stabilator position using the FLCS DDI page, or I think the checklist page as well. Trim sensitivity cannot be changed, except perhaps in LAU files, but I've never looked i
  15. In auto mode I find it pretty dang accurate. Just gotta keep the plane REALLY steady so the pipper doesn't jump around.
  16. I just installed WW2 Assets and Normandy for the free trial, and began seeing this glitch. Never saw it before I installed those modules. I have had WW2 aircraft before and played with the new damage model before, and never saw the issue. Latest Open Beta build. So far only experiencing it on Normandy using the included instant action missions for various aircraft. Edit, tested some more: Definitely coincides with explosions or weapon impacts. Directly coincides with Flak bursts, but is not limited to that. Happens anywhere WW2 assets or damage model are used, not just
  17. I'm experiencing a weird and very distracting graphical glitch that I've only ever seen in Normandy. Happens across multiple planes. It looks to me like a bright flash, in the upper half of my screen, that occurs every few seconds, but only occasionally. It makes me think I'm being lit up by tracers and is very distracting! I'll try a repair this evening but wasn't sure if anyone else had experienced this. Edit: Came across this post which is exactly what I'm experiencing. Seems to be a persistent and widespread bug, possibly related to WW2 assets in combina
  18. I have my eye on this campaign, I really want some realistic Mustang missions. I’ve heard talk that this campaign can get really heavy on resources at times. An anyone comment? I play in 1080p with trackir, my specs are in my sig.
  19. Unfortunately I really doubt we'll be able to draw on it. I just don't see it in the cards. But I imagine it should be easy enough for the map to be a file somewhere that can be edited. If that's possible, then mission makers may have a way to incorporate drawings on a custom map.
  20. I love the Jug but it's not that popular for the same reason it's often underrated in real life history too. It's big, and tough, and numerous, but to a casual observer, it doesn't do anything really exciting. It's not super nimble like the Spitfire. It's not super fast and long range like the Mustang. It's not gorgeous looking like a P-38. I know to many of us who know better, it's an aircraft with a rich history and lots of capability, but its merits are more subtle to understand or explain.
  21. If you know where the vehicles are, add a steerpoint with the coordinates. If you don't have coordinates but know the very rough vicinity, use snowplow mode on the targeting pod (SP button on the right hand side) and a FLIR view, and just fly around looking. Won't be very efficient though, and you better have a decent idea where to look first. Or fly low and use your MK I Eyeball. Right now our Viper doesn't have the air to ground radar to look for moving targets over a wide area, so this is about the best you can do.
  22. Casmo with an excellent video on this topic:
  23. Could this be a waypoint set on top of the carrier? If you spawn into a clean mission with only a supercarrier placed and no waypoints, do you still have the square?
  24. This is the standard way every new piece of content releases in DCS. I would really recommend switching to open beta, there's not really any downside to doing so. It gets new content, new features, and even bug fixes earlier than Stable does. And every multiplayer server uses it. Very rarely (more in the past but seldom nowadays) a large bug hits the latest beta version. I've personally never had a problem with this; ED always puts out a hotfix in the next day or so and it's easy enough to not update until that hotfix comes out. Plus a big bug almost always only affects one aircraft in which c
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