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  1. Auto throttle has nothing to do with where you are, it’s not communicating with anything external to the jet. In landing mode it doesn’t work yet, simple as that.
  2. Thanks so much! So far I can fit everything (cyclic/collective at least) on my HOTAS, if I don't bind the following: (left barber pole): jettison stores (center right) manual stabilator switch: Manually control the big wing thing on the tailboom (thumb button) chop button: electronically cuts engines. (trigger) BUCS trigger: your backup control system trigger. Its for really bad days. Read about it if you're curious And all searchlight functions (fairly useless in DCS anyway) How important are some of these functions? Most seem like emergency-only fu
  3. I'm not so sure. It has more sensors than an A-10C including a really capable radar. The navigation and communications suite looks at least as complex if not more so. The HOTAS looks more complex, controlling screens, sight cueing, and sensors. not to mention the CPG station. The IHADSS has multiple modes full of symbology to get used to. And there's crew coordination to take into account. I don't think it's a stretch to call this the most complex bird to come to DCS. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to learn it all.
  4. Reading through the Army manual for this bird and it's clear: this is going to be the most complex aircraft EVER in DCS. My brain is definitely melting, as promised.
  5. Found these combing through the army manual. They like to spread out the diagrams between systems so it's going to take time coming up with a cohesive overview of all functions.
  6. Anybody have a diagram or list or the controls on the cyclic/collective so we can start thinking about our HOTAS bindings? Looks like there's a lot of them!
  7. Welcome! I can't say I would personally pay for any ground units, as I don't play combined arms and don't care that much about ground unit details and specifics aside from how they impact me in the air, and whether I can kill them As for airfield assets, in particular animated ground crew, I'd love to see it. I know ED is planning on revamping airfield ATC to the level of Supercarrier, but I'm not sure if they plan on animated ground crew themselves. Either way it's something I would definitely pay for.
  8. 19.7 degrees per second is very good, yes. It's harder in DCS to sustain this rate than real life because there's likely a little too much drag in the turn compared to real life (based on testing). For more help sustaining the rate, try keeping the nose 5 - 10 degrees below the horizon.
  9. This is standard, I've been doing this for years and seen it mentioned many times. Not sure if the drag helps in DCS, I recall some thread testing it and finding out it didn't, but IRL I'm positive it helps with drag to slow the jet down.
  10. It doesn't bother me really but I wouldn't mind a Special option to turn the requirement on or off, like INS alignment on some aircraft. Sometimes I am in the mood for full realism, sometimes I'd rather get airborn quicker.
  11. I see no reason the velocity vector should flash constantly without a really good reason, as Scaley stated. If you're flying straight and level it shouldn't flash. The velocity vector should never be below the horizon if you're climbing, also. That makes zero sense. Could this be INS alignment issues if you are cold-starting?
  12. Available G is far lower at 275 knots, and AoA is much higher, resulting in much more speed loss compared to higher speeds. Which is why you want to avoid speeds so slow. Also radius doesn’t matter in a two circle fight, rate does. Radius is minimized for one circle fights. Rate on the Viper is top knotch at 450+ knots. Radius is high yes, but doesn’t matter as long as the fight is two circle.
  13. I believe airbrake is a button on every aircraft. JoystickGremlin can change axis input into a button though if you want to go that route.
  14. You can bind things however you prefer of course, but I do want to point out the TWCS button layout is based on the Hornet's throttle. It has a light grey two-way switch next to the TDC cursor that corresponds directly with the radar elevation on the real Hornet throttle.
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