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  1. Can anyone who has listened to my recording tell me, if this sound is the correct sound in the Mirage or if its probably wrong? Thx.
  2. Hi. Thx for the tips, but I had no success. The first thing with the in-helmet I did not want to try since on all other modules it works just fine. Dont want to change something, thats ok for me. Second thing, was no sucess. I imported the mod-files but there was no change. I then removed the Mirage from DCS and also delete the Mirage-folders in the CoreMods- and Mods-folder. Then reinstalled the Mirage. After that when starting a Mission with the Mirage always the A-10C was loaded! I then did a complete repair and now I back to where I was before.
  3. Hi. I bought the Mirage at a sale last year but dont use it much. Did sometimes a free flight and recently a few AAR-flights. I cant remember how it was last year, but in the few flights in the last weeks, the in-cockpit sound was very silent. I could only hear the wind-noise and NO engine-noise at all. Only the afterbruner was audible, but also rather silent. Is this normal with the Mirage? On the few vids on youtube that I watched, noise seemed considerably louder than with "my" Mirage. Some repairs of DCS did not change anything
  4. Yesterday I had (Im still in 2D) really bad stutters in MP on PG-map. Never have experienced this before. My system for 2D is quite ok. 9600K at 5Ghz, 2070Super and 32GB of 3600Mhz RAM.
  5. On our Squads Trainingmap my RAM-usage is very high. Very much too much!
  6. Hi. Just went back and retested my situation with the new patch. And - at least for now - it seems to have gone. After the intial loading straight 60fps with no stutters at all! Great!
  7. Just tried the misson with the A-10C II (changed aircraft in the ME) and even though I killed all enemy units (with guided rockets its quite easy), the pickup-helicopter crashed. My guess is because of the trees in the LZ, that it hits.... Also strange is, that with the CBU I do not stand a chance killing the infantry in the forest; usuall have to use Mk82s or better the gun. But then again, I usually have trouble usting CBUs correctly or precisely.
  8. Thx for the tip. Never tried that in the Viper, even I saw it on the INS-Switch. Saves quite sime time!
  9. In MP I have to usually coldstart so in SP its 95% Auto u d FFWD. Also depends on the module. I see no reason to wait for 8 min in the F-16 to have proper alignement. Didnt know, that one can autostart the Tomcat as stated above. Have to check it out.
  10. Hi. Actually that comparison was the reason for my question since most of the comments up to now stated a much larger sweet spot and according to some testers comments outside of this forum "my" problem should have been solved too. Same for the perf requirements, which should be quite the same. Thats why I just wanted to have some confirmation from within the DCS-community. About my attitude towards VR, Im sorry, I am not yet able to follow this religion. At least it seems, that it is religion for some. But Im not giving up on it (VR not the religion!); thats why I orde
  11. Hi. Given your experience in VR you just have given an answer to my first question instead of telling us, how great the 3090 is. We all know that already. Thx
  12. I got two questions. Im on monitor right now and find it quite pleasing. Owned the G1 in spring briefly but sold it pretty quickly. Hated the stiff cable and disliked the fact, that only the center was sharp, so a quick glance at some lower positioned instruments without moving the head was not possible. With the G2 is this now resolved or do you still need to move head which seems very unnatural for me? Second thing: I own a 2070S and for sure will not throw money on those GPU-manufacturers (especially Nvidia) for the forseeable future. May o
  13. After rethinking and retesting another mission (SyriaChemStrike, where I exchanged the B for an A and did not see a real difference) Im not sure, if my case is not too specific (maybe only on that special Trainingmap??) to justify a bug-report. My system is a i5-9600k, oc-ed to 5,0Ghz, 32GB of 3600/CL16 RAM, RTX 2070Super, Samsung 970Evo 512 GB M.2, 1440p 144Hz-monitor. Usually (when not capping for TrackIR I have up to 120fps higher up, and down to ~45fps low on Syria-Map. I had it in my bottom-line but after the forum-update thats unfortunately gone and I have not yet taken the time to lo
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