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  1. This above mentioned lua additions do indeed let me spawn certain aircraft on the ground, but there exists another problem. Adding waypoints to the flights removes them from the spawn on ground start status and spawns them in mid flight instead. Anyone have any work arounds?
  2. I'm not sure why we have PT boats at all lol, . We'll take a looksee and get things changed up.
  3. TS IP: ts50.gameservers.com:9132 TS PW: phoenix Server IP:
  4. 104th is going to try this out, well report back if we have issue.
  5. 104th Phoenix VFBS is pelased to announced that we have opened our doors for recruitment once more! The recruitment process will remain open for the entire month of February. At which point we will select up to four candidates to undergo our UPT's for final selection to become cadets. Please carefully read all linked information in the referenced forum post. Link below http://community.104thphoenix.com/topic/27084-february-2021-recruitment-open/?fbclid=IwAR34CnxrGTRHlBsNfkNpot_d9zZ738xgHypo6Gfqu4cfmB0u2U0V1XaCoPI
  6. @Wizard_VVS Thanks for that! This was an unforseen consiquence of the christmas mod.
  7. 104th is happy to provide a server for you to use during this mass memorial flight. I'm sure we can get a few pilots together also. We fly everything short of props or helicopters.
  8. Ahh thanks for the heads up, looks like FB removed my first post lol. Zucc'd over a Christmas Event . Link updated in OG post. And here it is again for good measure. https://www.mediafire.com/file/o2a7vrtg3zfj0n4/MVP_Christmas_flyin2020_%281%29.rar/file
  9. Event is a go as planned, event will start at 2000zulu, please arrive 20-30 minutes early! We will be featuring a christmas asset pack, which must be downloaded and installed (dont worry, its small, and easy! we can help talk you through the install if needed) - Link below! Asset pack must be installed to your saved games folder. Users / YourName / Save Games / DCS Open Beta / Mods / Tech / https://www.mediafire.com/file/o2a7vrtg3zfj0n4/MVP_Christmas_flyin2020_%281%29.rar/file
  10. Ah gotcha. Negative though, All that is needed for people to share custom skins is for them both to have the same files on their respective computers.
  11. Its not something we can host server side, that functionality is not supported in DCS. Even if it were, it would require people to download 6.3GB of textures before being able to join the server lol. The download link for the pack is listed in the OP and available for anyone though.
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