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  1. Confirmed. Autopilot in a10c needs button command to be held on. Releasing button disengages autopilot. Only appeared after update.
  2. I mean it's lovely. Really nice. But muh Mudhen?
  3. A smidge off topic, in so much as only scuffs the surface of investigation you guys are following, I (in anticipation of the impending release if the p47 into DCS) just completed a 1/32 scale 47D model. What struck me was its size and bulk. It dwarfs a spitfire IX and modern Harrier II of same scale. Remarkable.
  4. Rafale M I'd love the Rafale in DCS. I think in terms of interest it has more going for it than the Eurofighter, so long as it was the M. Carrier ops add extra value. It's a sexier looking Jet. (Not by much though). I'm happy we're getting one of the "Eurofighter" era jets.
  5. You think ED gonna give ya some snax Scoooob.
  6. High AOA stutters I9 9900k. 2080ti. 32gb @3200. SSD. 144HZ Monitor running 1080p In 2D not VR Using the F16 instant take off mission (Persian Gulf). The FPS drops are massively present. If you start some high aoa acrobatics over the runway I see frames drop from 120 to 30. Its jarring. For me many of the instant action missions suffer from infrequent pauses. But the F16 seems worst. So the system power is not helpful. You can't muscle your way past it. Great to know ED are aware.
  7. I see the OP's point and agree. If you (in that screenshot) remove the needles, things change. You're now getting the "Low" from deck spotting and experience of correct sight picture until the lights appear. This will all be in some part resolved by LSO feedback (hopefully). Personally the biggest problem for me is the lights are often blocked by the left hud readouts. So other than winding down the hud brightness or moving my head around a lot I think the meatball needs to be intensified. I add that I'm also old(ish), use glasses and have an average 1080 monitor.
  8. Am I being sensible to not download 2.5.6? Not a steam user. But it seems users are having real problems. I think I might give ED a little more time to sort this out.
  9. Apache (even the A model) is what I'd selfishly want. More likely to be Tornado or F111.
  10. Hornet. Blue water ops rock.
  11. Same problem with Tarawa SP cold starts for me. The only work around (at present) is to select "take off/start from runway". It gives an immersion breaking hot start on deck. I feel your pain dude.
  12. The seat position problem was such that when looking around the cockpit in 2D or VR, the default felt as though you were sat forward of the ejection seat. You were perched on the edge. Looking back gave the feeling of looking at the seat back rather than over the shoulder. Resolving this with adjustments in fwd/back keys put your "body" in the seat but took you so far from the instruments and hud that the (I imagine) feeling of sitting in a cosy flying tank, gave way to laid back deck chair. The hud was well outside the limuts of the glass. This may be accurate. I've never sat in an
  13. Thanks man. Success achieved just using auto flaps. You were right......a little too much back stick or throttle and she'll unstick sgain real easy. Remarkable really. Ive been so used to flying patterns on full flap, throttle only, centred e bracket and AOA. You lose the skill of stick flying her in (sort of Viper like)
  14. Pilots..... Just to expand this a little. Jello (of fighter pilot pod cast fame) recently released a YouTube video showing hornet descent through cloud to o/head break and landing. On touchdown he held the nose up momentarily (as we would for the viper). Before gently lowering nose to floor a few seconds later. Flying e bracket results in carrier style slapdown. Is it normal to hold nose up on land based hornet ops (is it even possible in DCS). Suggestions please.
  15. Wow. Call me stupid.....but I would've thought dynamic weather would have been more system intensive. Switching off static now.
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