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    TDC slew / depress

    I had the same issue, where the motion area was very limited, especially when depressed. Thanks to this thread I could fix it. I 3D printed a new button and now the button works perfectly. You can download it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4714041
  2. Winwing confirmed in an email to me that they are out of stock and there is a bug in the website that shows that they are in stock, although they aren't. And that I should "please wait for our good news."
  3. But the shop said it was in stock, unlike earlier. Why would they show that it is in stock if they can't ship, and have me going through the process of registering and filling in everything, and then at the final stage say "sorry, no can do". I checked again now, and now the version with the extension kit that I wanted is out of stock, and you can't even put it in your basket. Some other versions are still in stock though.
  4. I just tried to order one, but once it was time to pay via PayPal, the PayPal site said: "The merchant isn't able to accept PayPal payments at this time. Please try again later or return to the merchant and choose another way to pay".
  5. A little tip for kneeboard creators: If you want to create kneeboards from PDF files, a simple tool is mutool.exe, https://mupdf.com/. The tool is inside the distribution ZIP (mupdf-1.16.0-windows.zip) on the downloads page. Run it for example as follows: .\mutool.exe convert -o Ka-50-%d.png -F png -O width=768,height=1024 Ka-50_checklist.pdfThis will create suitable kneeboard PNG files from the PDF. You can also select page ranges to extract from the PDF by supplying them after the PDF file name. I create my checklists in LibreOffice Calc, export the sheets to PDF with pages in 3:
  6. What's the source of this information? Most sources seem to say 768 x 1024 pixels (3:4 ratio), which with a quick sample check is also the size of kneeboards distributed with DCS. 825 x 1275 is also a different ratio. Has it changed, or is the information incorrect?
  7. I think I misunderstood, and you got it right. Didn't think of that you can (propably?) install the normal LuaExport handlers that way. I haven't tried yet, but will.
  8. You couldn't have been aware, since I had made it the same or the previous day :). Another way is to use VLC, then you can stream to any device that supports VLC (tablets, Raspberry, or even an Apple Watch). To start streaming from the computer you play DCS and have the DDIs (or whatever you are streaming), run something like: .\vlc.exe screen:// --screen-fps=20 --sout '#transcode{vfilter=croppadd{cropleft=0,cropright=1320,croptop=0,cropbottom=600},vcodec=mjpg}:standard{access=http,mux=mpjpeg,dst=}'Where is the address of your DCS computer. Use the crop* to g
  9. Sorry for the very late reply! Here's the hack, which really is just a quick hack: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bjanders/dcs-api/master/tools/weapons There's no documentation or anything. I haven't tested it since a year ago when I created the CSV.
  10. There are also some downsides with using the Hooks compared to Export.lua: One has to restart DCS for it to reread the Hooks scripts, compared to restarting the mission for Export.lua. It seems like there is no error output in any logs if you make a mistake in your Hooks code. For Export.lua errors, the errors are log in the dcs.log file. These two things makes development slower. For the time being, I think I have to go on and use the Export.lua because of these issues, and because I have not been able to solve the list_inidication() thing. It looks like that currently there is no
  11. You can use https://github.com/BlueFinBima/Iris-Screen-Exporter together with https://github.com/bjanders/wxpython-iris-client to get parts of the screen exported to a Raspberry Pi. I just made the simple client and verified that it works on a Pi. Your reply is not constructive and only adds noise to the discussion. You are clearly hinting at something without giving any useful information. I'd appreciate if you can be helpful if you can.
  12. I think I got everything working using the Hooks method, except that I wasn't able to figure out how to call the list_indication() function in that environment. Any ideas? Running net.dostring_in("export", "dofile(...)") on every frame to a onSimulationFrame() is probably not very resource friendly either. I don't need to, and I'm not currently doing it, but if somebody suggests that I call list_indication() that way, then I don't think it's a solution. I tried calling something like: [font=Courier New][font=Arial][font=Verdana][font=Courier New][font=Arial][font=Verdana][font=Courier Ne
  13. I'm looking at this again. So, I only need to do net.dostring_in("export", "...") if I want to make any of my plugin data available to other scripts, is that right? Otherwise I should be fine just using onSimulationStart(), onSimulationStop() and onSimulationFrame()? I saw this discussion on the same topic: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=228270&page=89 Why is onSimulationFrame() not sufficient for TacView, so that LuaExportAfterNextFrame() is needed? I'm asking because it indicates that there is something that I still don't understand, or have misunderstood. Unless TacView
  14. So the SharedTexture() functions do not work? If not, it would be nice if ED removed those functions from the Exports.lua documentation so that developers don't spend time trying to get them to work, like I just did. Does anybody know for sure, does the shared memory work or not?
  15. Thanks! The DCS API folder and the documentation in there was what I was looking for. Was it there a year ago, or did I just miss it? I only had quick look now, but this seems the way to go, just like you suggest. A year ago I wrote a plugin for physical simulator cockpit integration. I haven't documented it yet, so I didn't want to publish it. (And probably buggy, but works for my purposes.) Shortly after, I stopped playing DCS, but now I'm back in the game. :) I'll try to get some documentation done within a week or so, and then I'll give pointers. And yes, I'm well aware of the e
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