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  1. This is a DCS-wide missile issue with chaff/notching mechanics that ED has confirmed they're working on. Two Weeks™
  2. Noted, thanks for the heads up I figured a header wouldn't matter but I'll remove it
  3. I was indeed looking at the MIL charts, but the point stands... the thrust does not change the handling characteristics or FLCS laws of the aircraft. For 15,000 feet max AB, your best performance is between 400-450 KCAS (0.78-0.88 IMN) with about 0.5 deg/s variance. Go down to 350 KCAS and you drop another 0.8 deg/s. So more than 100 KCAS speed loss results in a 1.3 deg/s reduction in turn rate. Meanwhile exceeding 0.88 IMN and it drops off sharply at about 0.7 degrees per 0.02 IMN. At sea level we see a similar story, peak sustained at 0.7 IMN/460 KCAS, peak insta
  4. Massive overstatement that the real life manual disagrees with. 380-400 KCAS is right in in the middle of the F-16's rate band. The Viper has a huge Ps0 corner plateau that only drops 2 degrees between 0.8 all the way down to 0.54 IMN at 5000 feet. At 15,000 feet, the Ps0 curve is perfectly flat between 0.88 IMN (450 KCAS) and 0.7 (350 KCAS). At sea level the Ps0 curve peaks at 0.59 IMN (390 KCAS), dropping off 1 whole degree down to 0.4 and 1 degree down to 0.8. Meanwhile the quickest instantaneous turn rate possible is 24.1 deg/s 8G at 0.54 IMN (360 KCAS) at a MASS
  5. I'd be interested in the ICP if its still available, Ill pm
  6. The MiG-31 has a PESA radar implemented in that trade-mark simplified DCS AI way which means its interaction with RWRs can be explained simply as <loud noises and erratic hand motions> Its also nigh-invulnerable to notching, though that might be close to the truth idk how those arrays work.
  7. For a longer term solution there's a lot of things that they can improve with chaff to simulate it blooming, dropping below doppler gates and out of beam limits. There's the pull-off interaction with aircraft radars to consider, interaction with pulse vs pulse-doppler, interaction with ECM, etc. For the short term, reducing the lifetime to a single second would be a decent mimicry of chaff's interaction with PD radars, while literally only requiring a Lua value change. It would solve all the current issues at minimal effort and then they can revisit the entire ECM aspect of th
  8. ...and just reducing the chaff lifetime value to <1s instead of 8+ would mitigate 95% of these issues and make everything behave much more believably at nearly zero developer time invested. But I guess thats too pragmatic a solution...
  9. Pulse has its own issues you wouldn't have with PD though, such as ambiguous doppler information and high susceptibility to chaff. Pulse mode in the F-14 is LPRF (accurate range, ambiguous closure), where Pulse-Doppler is HPRF (accurate closure, ambiguous range) Both have their pros and cons but for providing target tracking at range, PD is definitely more reliable. 45 miles is a pretty long shot depending on geometry, altitude and target type. An aware target can just do a slice-back and outrun it. Or use a variety of other fun tricks to spoof either your AWG-9 or the
  10. +1 I know I'm harping a lot on this but I'd also love to see this extended to a more accessible radar azimuth/elevation settings. At least change the "Low, Medium, High" command to something sensible for your average engagement Currently the options are something along the lines of -30, -16, 0, +16, +30 If I'm RIO-ing, my settings will usually be more along the lines of -4, -2, 0, +2, +4 It'd be nice to have quick access to normal/regular settings, with the elaborate elevation-at-altitude to be used for specific cases. Right now the quick commands
  11. After another extensive PvP training tonight discovering how easy it is to notch or otherwise mitigate all advantages of the Phoenix, you're simply not doing it right. People who keep going on about how this is some kind of overmodeled superweapon just really need to learn how to fight the F-14, it's one of the weakest "gen 4 fighter" in the game right now. Definitely among the full fidelity ones. This doesn't make it a no-factor, it's still got dangerous long range missiles and is overall just a great airframe. However, an F-16, F/A-18, F-15 or Su-27 should emerge victorious
  12. I think the AIM-54C Mk47 mod 1 would like a word about the fact that it has the highest specific impulse of the three
  13. That does sound identical to what I'm describing actually. I might've not expressed this clearly but the PD-STT lock never "drops" as such. It just loses the contact return so guidance stop and the track goes into trackhold. When I said loses contact, what I mean is that in the DDD you will see the sweep stops getting a return. It still "treats it" like it's locked on, which makes it a bit pernicious since you won't even notice it's gone unless you're paying attention to the DDD. This is with default jets in singleplayer and multiplayer. Ground-start or air-start. No
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