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  1. Yep, but only if they kill the MiG BVR.
  2. Of course. The F16 would be embarrased if the MiG ever got in close. That is exactly what happened in Germany in the 1990s when the US Navy wanted to put legacy hornets up against the MiG.
  3. Sorry I see that this has already been posted. It's actually a pipeline.
  4. N 34 32 46 E 37 54 16 Highway rises into the sky at several places
  5. No it's not "overly" simplified. It is probably the very best MiG-29 available for the pc. It needs more cockpit interaction and some systems modeling. But it is my favorite aircraft. I own practically all the modules btw. I come from many hours flying the F14 and Hornet in DCS. I prefer the MiG-29. And FC3 Su25 and MiG29 can hold their own against many third party modules in terms of fidelity of flight.
  6. Ok I was little harsh. I apologize. But I still think it was a silly test in my opinion.
  7. No I am saying your pilot doesn't know how to fly. Limiters are mechanical devices. I am sure you can pull the wings off anything if you try hard enough. Anyway, I don't care, you guys can have whatever limiters you want in game. I was just relating to real world flying. No pilot would have made that maneuver on purpose.
  8. You do know that ANY map can be a combat map right? And any of them can be training maps right?
  9. Pilot error. Plain and simple. Exactly how many G does the Su33 need to take before something breaks? In the real world they (Su30) already have issues with structural cracks. As far as limiters go, the F16Ns were retired because the adversary pilots cracked the wing spars. That was a doomed maneuver in the video. There is more to flying than just hauling back on the stick with the throttle open. You can break any airplane. At 1600kph you should not be yanking the stick.
  10. How about posting an acmi file, track file, mission, or video so we can see what you are talking about? For me, it works as designed.
  11. Zeagle

    Tanker lights

    At night they will be dim. In day they will be bright. But they are not all that bright ever
  12. I refuse to use NATO names for these birds...lol Anyway, I have been flying the Mi-8 to prepare for the crocodile
  13. Zeagle

    Tanker lights

    I am quite sure that the lights are designed to be used with NVG and therefore are very dim
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