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  1. Yeah I agree. Moose is good though. I find that it generally works pretty well. Sometimes the documentation is lacking, which can be very frustrating. But overall I like it. I come from a programming background and prefer lower level as well. But I really need to learn more about the SSE and LUA.
  2. My answer to you is "so what". There is no requirement for operational status imposed by anybody (case in point...the chrome cat). Bombs on the F-14 without racks looks silly. Period. Either model the racks or delete the ability to load the bombs. Pretty simple. Absolutely none of the list of FACTS above, which I am sure are correct, have anything to do with it. And I don't think it would take a good 3d artist more than a few days to model the rack.
  3. near_blind...read your statement " the only reason we have it is because HB are nice people". We DON"T have it. That's the issue. AND...your "actually used" statement carries no weight at all when a cursory check of Google reveals that it was indeed used. And whoever said that an item had to be used a lot to be included? No one. So, I stand by my original statement. Seeing bombs floating underneath the F-14B, especially with such a nicely done module, is ridiculous.
  4. Seriously? It's like leaving off the gear struts. We need a rack. This is such a high quality bird. But I cannot understand why we don't have this basic component already.
  5. I use MOOSE for this. It's literally a couple lines of code with a template flight (late activation).
  6. It would be helpful if you explained how you are spawning this group. Are you using MOOSE? Also, a mission file would be nice. What does your template flight look like?
  7. They should only be gliding about 20 miles from 7000ft. And that's a stretch.
  8. Mero...you need to look at your DCS log to see what the errors are. Maybe your group is named wrong in the sim. You are using the UNIT:FindByName function. So you are looking at the unit, not the group name. Check your unit names.
  9. It depends on your altitude Coxy and whether or not you are trimmed to best glide speed. At best glide speed and same altitude, most of those airplanes will glide farther than a Cessna 172. I know for a fact that the P-51 can out glide a Cessna. It just does it at a higher airspeed.
  10. I apologize for not writing in Russian. I am afraid I once studied Russian in college. But now I have forgotten most of it. Anyway... +1 for a clickable Su-25. I would really love the one that is carrier capable...in two seat configuration. Please ED make a full module for the Su-25
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