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  1. Yep, watched that video already several times. I am not saying it doesnt work just not reliably.
  2. Hi, firstly loving the A10C II! I am finding getting the TGP to Slave to the HMCS a bit hit and miss. If the TGP is pointing to another SPI it doesnt always want to come back to where the HMCS is pointing. The command I am using is DMS Right Long, with HMCS as SOI. Is there a trick to this or is there a bug? Thanks
  3. I hope thats not how its gonna stay. Doesnt make much sense when you set the SOI, to the TPOD you should then have control. If only it was as good as the A10C!!!
  4. Hi, with the latest build the FLIR FOV no longer works with the previously assigned button. I used to use it for the FOV and changing to CCD/IR(long press). Is there a new assigned button?
  5. Hi, not sure whats going on with the update servers, I only see 3 online right now. I have been trying to download the latest update but it is very slow and keeps stalling. 3 times now it has stopped part way through. I have checked my internet speed and I can max out at 110 Mbps! So its not on my end!!
  6. I have used the "Hornet Ball", call. Right now bound to a spare key. Other than that I use verbal versions of "F1" etc. I'm hoping as they refine the coms it will get better, but happy with it for now.
  7. I'm having the same issue. Set an AI hornet to Start once I'm overhead with other AI hornets already in the pattern. Departing Hornet starts up and then waits for inbound to land. Just as inbound touches down the departure starts to taxi, the inbound then taxis into the departure.
  8. +1 definitely different how the jet behaves on short final
  9. Gotta say I am liking it a LOT!! Visually looks awesome, the deck crew not being just stationary is wicked, and the LSO spot is a great place to watch the action when your not flying. Very big Thumbs Up from me!!!! Cheers!!
  10. In the meanwhile, if you want to see how the TPOD should work, check out the A10C. You can do so much more with the TPOD there and I hope most of it comes to the F16 at some point!
  11. New to MOOSE, index global error? Hi, just starting out in MOOSE and ran my first few debugs, I notice this error with the demo RANGE script. attempt to index global 'RANGE' (a nil value) I understand the concept of local versus global methods and variables, is this a MOOSE error or DCS one?
  12. Having the same issue, when I use VR zoom it then draws in both eyes.
  13. I have to agree, this aircraft is still the best module out there by far. Everything just simply works! I have most modules available and this is still my go to for an aircraft that just does anything (apart from carrier ops). Here's to version 2.0 being just as complete, please ED don't break the A10C :)
  14. Weird I have tried take off from Ramp, parking etc. Just tried again but worked this time. Then next time didnt. Weird how the boat keeps disappearing.
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