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  1. SSAA is not applicable in VR
  2. Panasonic, not samsung, and with a Qualcom XR1 , (quest 2 and currents ones XR2), not good....
  3. On black friday the G2 in Europe were at € 399, there were even offers at € 379, little difference over the Q2 € 349...
  4. I own both G2 and Quest 2. For simulation I use G2 and for everything else I use Quest 2. If your use is going to be mainly DCS and simulators G2. More clarity, little or no difference in the sweet spot, MORE FOV, (if little but more) and better performance, yes friends, quest 2 compresses the image then transfers via USB or Wifi 6 with Air link and then decompresses , that puts latency and worsens performance, and that's despite the fact that the Ocullus composite is better than the SteamVR shit, but G2 is still better at the same quality configuration. Add that with Resahede and FSR the difference in quality and performance increases in favor G2. If Quest 2 had a native HDMI connection surely my decision would change. Both are great VR viewers but right now G2 wins in everything for simulation and DCS in particular.
  5. Disable the DCS VR TAB option, "Cursor confined to Game Windows"
  6. If you use WMR for Steamvr BETA, the motion reprojection must be on FORCE ALWAYS or OFF. If you use it on AUTO, steam VR crashes. Solution: Use WMR for SteamVR release (not beta) or with the BETA version (which is slightly better in performance), Motion Reprojection always in FORCE ALWAYS or OFF,
  7. Try going to the windows mixed reality options in configuration, in ENVIRONMENT, delete the environment data and recalibrate it by moving your head left, right and down. If there is any change in your room environment, it can cause tracking problems since WMR "memorizes" your environment through the cameras. Another problem can be poor lighting, this also causes tracking problems
  8. There seems to be a problem with the REPROJECTION in the latest beta of the WMR for SteamVR if set is in AUTO. Solutions: using FORCE ALWAYS or OFF reprojection does not give problems. Also return to the STABLE version of WMR for steamVR
  9. Any solution for this effect ?. Personally I lose immersion in VR with this
  10. The problem is with the Windows mixed Reality for SteamVR beta version 1.3.22, when using the WMR for SteamVR options or the SteamVR video options the motion reprojection mode / motion smoothing in AUTO, deactivated or force always does not fail. The other option is to go back to the Release version of Windows Mixed reality for SteamVR 1.2.625, in this version no problem. At least for me and more people in my squad
  11. I'm talking about Window Mixed reality for SteamVR not SteamVR. The first is the interconnection between SteamVR and WMR of the G2. The last Beta of the WMR for SteamVR is the 1.3.22 (non beta 1.2.625). The last beta of SteamVR is 1.19.7 (non beta 1.19.6) but I think both are the same now. To change between beta and non-beta, steamVR properties (or Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR), with the right button with the mouse sure, and BETA section
  12. In my case, I had problems with the latest wmr for steamVR beta. The problem was in having the REPROJECTION in AUTO, in always forcing on (I have it like this now) or disable does not give problems.
  13. For everyone who has the problem of falling to the home of WMR when pressing the windows button. They must update the Windows Mixed reality APP from the microsoft store, for me I solve that problem
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