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  1. The new Ryzen 5000 are the best you can buy for gaming. I personally have noticed a greater improvement changing my i9 9900kf for the 5900x than changing my 2080ti for a 3090. ESPECIALLY IN MP, on public servers, where I always lost half of my performance in VR. Not now!!!. Best quality / price / performance Ryzen 5600x. Just look on youtube for any comparison of games between them. Example:
  2. WMR has its own reproyection system now integrated into the steamVR interface: https://steamcommunity.com/games/719950/announcements/detail/2887328987484646260 And after being a user of Oculus CV1 and RIFT S, and Reverb G1 (G2 in November), I find the preprojection of WMR is better, it generates much less "ghosts"
  3. I had problems with SteamVR stability when customizing steam options for dcs and using reprojection from steamVR and not from default.vrsettings. So disable it in Steam and enable it in the default.vrsettings file improved stability with my Reverb
  4. I answer myself. It seemed that the problem was a conflict between another script and the range script. So solved
  5. Hi Ciribob,I have been using this fantastic script in SP for a long time and now I include it in my Squadron dedicated server in the nevada scenario, but from time to time this error appears and blocks the server until it is accepted, so continue working without problems (error in attached image). Any idea what the reason is?, I am very confused about the cause of this. I use the Mist version 4.4.85 Thanks.
  6. Be sure to update to the latest version of SIMSHAKER FOR AVIATORS: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=175028 And if Win10 MAY 2004 update is installed, update with the latest patches, because it gave problems of detection of the pad in its first bars of the update launch
  7. I experienced a similar problem when installing the update for win10 may 2004. The forcefeel did not start and the first time I just unplugged it and plugged it back in. The next day it was no longer working or doing the same process. I went back to release 1909 and the pad worked again without problems. Possible driver problem with the May 2004 update, and proceeded to inform Tomas if they can solve it
  8. I have your same equipment, I include the hp reverb, except for 64gb of ram and my performance is similar to the previous patch. Check that the data capture of TACVIEW is disabled is giving problems of loss of fps if it is not updated. Also removes metashaders 2 and FXo from the folder of saved games
  9. Performance loss with tacview data capture enabled has returned after the last update hotfix. Shit! Any idea of ​​the reason for this? It seems a bit random
  10. The last OB patch solvent the performance loss with Tacview
  11. Performance problem with tacview capturing data solved in this last OB Thanks,a great patch
  12. One question ... do you use TACVIEW ??. If so, deactivate the data capture in the special menu of said module, because the more units the more impact it produces, especially in MP. I suffered a loss of more than 30% of performance, I deactivated it and I recovered it entirety
  13. Same problem around here. Having TACVIEW data capture enabled implies a massive FPS loss in VR of 45 to 30-29. In the missions that we usually fly in my squad we usually use the TACVIEW a lot to check the progress and it is shit the loss of performance that we have, and also it greatly affects the performance on MP servers. Any solution for this?
  14. Personally rollback to the Nvidia 442.59 drivers has solved the problem of FPS with the SA and the overall performance of 2.5.6, it does not reach the level of 2.5.5 but it is close
  15. If I remember correctly, in December Tomas commented that shipments outside Europe would be made directly from the manufacturer in China, those from Europe would be handled by them from the Czech Republic. Even so they should have the shipping data ect .. to forward them to the clients: "Hello Jose, We apologize for the silence in the last couple of months. Unfortunately, we had a crisis situation, which was mainly caused by our payment gateway processor CYBERservices Europe S.A., under the brand Paymill. Their services were suspended by the financial regulation authority in Luxembourg
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