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  1. Same thing happens to me, you can use TAB to select which button you want to press and press SPACEBAR and it will enter that selection.
  2. You can make a shortcut of the DCS app and put --force_disable_VR at the end of target location in properties eg. "D:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe" --force_disable_VR and one app will open DCS in vr and the other non vr. I know its not a key command but better than loading the game in vr then unchecking vr enable then restarting.
  3. You can use this site LOGbook | Record your flight simulator progress (ansirial.it) Download the application from the site and save every mission file after every mission you complete and upload it through the application. It keeps hours flown, hours in plane, unit kills ect.. John.
  4. if you have bought the flaming cliffs module you did not have to buy the fc3 planes separately. If you bought the planes separately with fc3 installed go into module manager in game and disable each fc3 plane and only have fc3 module enabled. John.
  5. still on the module list heres the link DCS: M-2000C (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  6. I have the comms menu button (\) set to a button on my hotas as I fly in vr and it makes it easier, I have recently found that on ground the comms menu works through the hotas bind but doesn't work when in the air. The keyboard bind (\) works fine on ground and in air. Has any one else run into this? I have tried rebinding but didn't work. Cheers, John.
  7. Have you tried scrolling down since your in windowed mode? same thing happened to me when i was in windowed mode and tried setting a livery on my plane i had to scroll down.
  8. Mav page is on the left MFD, Select your mavs from the DSMS and to the right of the DSMS theres the MAV screen osb
  9. The moment you walk into briefing before a strike mission and see they are making the mission plans on DCS mission editor :megalol:
  10. For now you have to unlock and lock the next target. When TWS is implemented you will be able to lock up to 3 or 4 targets at one time and it will move to the next target after missile has been fired.
  11. On the DCS module page it states if a module is keyless just above the more button
  12. Hi, I have purchased the flaming cliffs 3 module a couple of month back and now I'm getting this message pop up: DCS DLC Registration "Su-33" is not authorized. please enter serial number. I enter the serial number and every thing is ok until the next day I go to launch DCS and same thing pops up. Does any one know how to fix this issue? any info is appreciated. Thank you, John EDIT: Never mind fixed the issue found the search tab and found other threads with the same issue and resolution.
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