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  1. Ero intenzionato anche io all'acquisto, ma dopo aver visto questo video mi sono ricreduto. Mi tengo il mio VKB + warthog, in attesa del throttle della VKB. Però c'è da apprezzare la modularità del modulo di base.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Is the pedal mechanism based like in reality? forward and backward or do you push from top to bottom and vice versa?
  3. Congratulations! some curiosities: 1) what are the differences from the Viper model? 2) it comes as in the photo with the hydraulic damper? 3) There will also be brakes? or only pedal board? 4) is the mechanism real or comfort (like VKB T-Rudder?) 5) question as above, is the basic idea of a real helicopter? if yes, which one?
  4. Did you buy the pedals from Vipers? I currently have the VKB T-Rudders, but I pre-ordered the Slaw pedals 1 month ago. No news yet. How long ago did you place your order?
  5. Interesting discussion! I'd like to switch to linux distro, but for DCS I'm sticking with windows 10. It would be nice to create a guide and section for the linux world on the ED forum. With official step by step guides.
  6. +1 for Viper https://slawdevice.com/en/glowna/3-rx-viper-v2-rudder-pedals-dark-metallic.html
  7. VKB Gunfighter MCG Pro and T-Rudder Pedal For the throttle TM Warthog
  8. Nuova piattaforma: Powered by Invision Community
  9. Perchè non ti sei regalato un virpil o vkb? :D scusa la curiosità
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