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  1. Excellent thanks for the update - hopefully this can make it into the OB as its a really immersion killer in VR
  2. In the Interim check out https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-a-10c-warthog/ This is updated for the new A10C 2 and has the updated Hotas controls. Also from the ED website, check out kneeboard pages. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313817/ Also this is excellent as a quick check, https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312541/ Appreciate the OP post of how important manuals are and confident ED will deliver but in the interim id recommend using these. Lastly have fun with the A10, its an excell
  3. More to the point can we have an update from ED on when this is going to have an actual dev fix - needs to be an option in settings please. Cleary its easy to do - why the near year wait - has it been forgot?
  4. @Fri13Your not on your own - hence why i started the thread. The whole situation is a total nonsense moving non resolved bugs to resolved. I am also aware as an active member of one of the larger PvP servers quite a few people who also think this system is totally flawed. Nothing personal against Elmo and wish him all the best but as some constructive feedback nothing can justify this methodology, it is a recipe for disaster and things are going to get missed. Also to implement something incorrectly, which is broken for it to be then marked and dismissed as a futur
  5. Ok so i have an ongoing log with Oculus Support and will provide feedback as i hear back. I also would like to clarify has anything changed with the way ED handle the flow from Mission editor, cockpit, to F10 map in either the Hotfix/end of Jan Feb patch. This started for me two weeks ago. It happens both in SP and MP. I can replicate it now 100% of the time on say mission editor where build a mission, click play and when you get to the choose slot screen and select one, you briefly see the aircraft loading in for a milisecond before it crashes back to the Oculus home within t
  6. Yet so when something is implemented and their is a bug , its not a bug, its to be future implemented. Oh Dear. Painful.
  7. Is it resolved though? - we have had a patch nearly 2 weeks after this post and there is still the same issue?
  8. I go back to my original post i still fail to see why posts are being marked as resolved when they are not in game. Things that have ALREADY been implemented marking it as Future implementation is an absolute nonsense its its a bug that is highlighted as a way to not fix it. How can you then track what has been resolved (as in physically in game) using this method, you cant! Or are we going to have them doubly resolved for when they actually do get resolved. What happened to the Razbam bug tracker - i remember after i highlighted last year that it was woefu
  9. zero response @Fri13. Couldn't agree more call me cynical but its also a very good way of hiding issues and on appearances for anyone superficially checking the forums be it new customers (as many do prior to purchasing a module) or senior ED management having a quick synopsis of customer feedback/bugs. Strange how Razbam are the only 1/3 party to take this strange approach in "order to cut down on clutter". It's a total farce to be honest.
  10. There is a thread, running nearly 3 years about the Harrier TDC slew problems for the analogue axis. As yet still outstanding bug.
  11. You have got some type of confliction or hardware / software issue. Or your CPU or memory is not upto standard. I know this because I play on Syria alot, in VR no less on a 2080ti. Msaa x2 also, terrain visibility medium, trees 100%, flat shadows and low shadows for cockpit. Your doing something wrong or your pc is not healthy. I rather suspect it's down to your ram as 24gb is an odd number to have. Have you got odd units? Whata your CPU? Incidentally now I would not recommend playing DCS with high settings unless you have 32Gb of ram on a n
  12. This continues to be a problem for VR users - i do wish ED would take this one seriously and start looking into what's locking out the game and eating memory suddenly. Clearly its something code related the fact it suddenly bottoms out and that jumping in and out of the game can clear it more times than not. I also have experienced the same issue on the Quest 2 now, that is in addition to the Rift S and Reverb G2.
  13. And that my friend is not the full picture. Why try and fight to the strength of your opponent, it's about the worst thing you can do. In the right player the Harrier is extremely useful, i have lost count of the amount of tomcats / viper / hornets i have virtually shot down. The biggest mistake you can force is the overshoot and many players just don't anticipate it early enough. The harriers ability to lose energy is unmatched in game or for that matter its "thrust vectoring" akak viff. You highlight it as a negative aspect however if flown correctly its actually a key attrib
  14. Yes on the surface to new players it appears quite comprehensive. However with knowledge of the real life functionality and how the systems flow work then you tend to lose that appreciation quite quickly. I mean the TGP pod for a start is comical - good job there not like that in the real world otherwise the current collateral damage tally would be rookie numbers. I mean just try and talk on another aircraft or ground FAC from features on the ground by giving ground stabilised bearings from a VRP. Unfortunately also there are bugs with current implemented systems that
  15. Elmo, It is not future implementation - the rose compass is already in the TGP feed to the MFD. Your statement is incorrect. It has been coded and implemented incorrectly. This is a bug as its already been implemented by using your argument, how can it be resolved and nullified - to say the latter is pure nonsense. How can this be clutter? If your SME is claiming the the current representation of the data feed is correct - he is mistaken. I mentioned this as it was stated on one of the threads that it was as per SME. This need's
  16. Guys just to be clear I do not want this thread to turn into a Razbam bashing exercise or a critique of their business model (its been done to death last summer) or time taken for new modules or old ones to be finished. What i would like is just to raise awareness with ED on the specific issues of community (genuine) bugs being reported and them marked as resolved. Just trying to pre-empt posts on this thread going forward.
  17. Dear ED - hopefully Nineline / Bignewy will pick up on this. As a customer of ED please note once again we are beginning to have issues with Razbam. Genuine bug reports are getting marked as resolved when they are not correct. AS an example you will note there is an issue with the rose compass of the TGP. It constantly aligns in relation to the aircraft nose not the position on the ground track (as it should). This makes it a nightmare for CAS work when operating with ground tac commanders or indeed talking with other flight members. Apologies for reaching o
  18. The minimum volume is still to loud !! After 2 years please can you actually bottom this out and resolve so the players can actually control. A key binding would also be helpful......like every other developer for ED. Maybe even after the 2 year wait, introduce an analogue axis also Blood and stone springs to mind
  19. Thanks for all the posts - i actually prefer the moving map with the black outline. The post i was originally relating to was every MFD normal screen, so the menu screen, stores page etc etc RAZBAM DO YOU INTEND TO JUST IGNORE THIS THREAD ???
  20. Yep, gives me real concerns on whoever the SME is, as this is not reflective of real world operations or hardware.
  21. Don"t be daft they do not have a good history in responding to the forums on genuine bugs. They like to use their own Discord and Facebook. Final predictions for the outcome of this issie to include; I1) It's as per SME (the same one that thinks the rose compass display is correct on the TPOD lol, instanty loses all credability ). 2) We've tested this and cannot replicate or find fault. This must be down to user hardware not being able to render correctly (as per TDC slew issue). No doubt either of these response's will mean the thread is clo
  22. They should appear at the top of the MFD as two separate munitions however at the moment they do not - there lies the problem.
  23. Moki, can see your new to posting so good advice on the forums is to search back through the posts prior to posting. Rather than just logging in a posting without looking for the issue. The forums are here to also get advice and you only do that by searching also! As you can see i have already logged it literally one post down from below yours.
  24. Unfortunately it's fair to say that the testers do not always complete a thorough job, outside the scope of this issue way to many things get missed that are pretty obvious. I'd like to see an increase in alpha testers that have more real world knowledge also with a military background rather than say a few thousand followers on youtube being a criteria. Appreciate there are some excellent testers within the community with these credentials that do an amazing job, but there are others that really i'd question whether they have the right skill set. I think the minimum criteria would be say 1
  25. As im sure many others are about to say - F18 will be your next module investigating the same level of commitment. Its a good time as it gets nearer to feature complete.
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