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  1. Guessing your flying with parser turned on, check in your config folder there is an autoexec file, if it has this then there is a problem accross all modules with this test feature. To be honest i was hoping that 2.7 would have implemented this fully. options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true
  2. Currently on any Multiplayer server you can see the full spawn shedule for the opposite side and their exact location. This is unbelievable SA and actually can be used against the player / team. Please can we have this locked down so it doesnt show at all in the lobby, and then when you select a slot you can then see the rest of your team (but none of the opposites). Also on the scoresheet it lists every player and what they are currently flying, again its an exploit were we can monitor certain players whilst flying around to see that they are doing - this again needs
  3. Because on MP when the convoys are spawned and they then have to start pathfinding - it can send them on a 400 mile round trip and the pathfinding AI / Engine is just not upto it currently without causing stutters. Its that simple. Need mechanics where by we can set certain stuctures to immune - also affects the potential for third party campaigns breaking. Obviously Bridges in real life are a strategic use, you leave up the ones that you may want, drop others to push the adversary into a kill zone. Problem is the engine just isnt there as yet in game.
  4. Ok so bridges can be destroyed however that can cause horrendous routing and pathfinding issues. On an example i spotted today a convoy was trying to get to tuapse from sochi, via the mountain passes near Beslan over the other side of the map! Stutters etc. We really could do with a setting in ME that makes bridges immune to damage and also another setting that can have an auto repair, with a time setting that we could specify for MP. Ideally the same functionality with runways in which we could set the repair time. Many thanks.
  5. Damn - sorry Big newy totally missed your reply, annoying as just come in here to post a Bump note! The track files from our MP are way too big so i have them disabled (can be 300mb +) . What i would say is set any convoys moving, take the road north from Tuapse to Makob for example and see how many tanks get stuck. Its a newish problem, last few patches, but it was an issued about 12 months back and it had been fixed about a year ago - like we have gone back in code or changed bridge templates. Obviously on DDCS we experience it more than others - but this will also
  6. Issue can be found accross all maps, somethinging in the F10 map can cause this on returning to the F1 cockpit view. Often it can be freed back to normal fps by opening task manager or just anothe active window, you can actually see your frames jump when tabbing back in. Long running issue for the last year or so. THe biggest issue with VR to be fair and thats on 32GB fast ram and 2080Ti, CPU at 5GHz
  7. Not so sure, we are getting reports of TDC right not working on the keybinds on initial movement, have to slew left first then right (not analogue axis as per this thread)
  8. Edit i should also have added - get your guys to look at the weight of the fragmentation from the continous rods and the distribution - that in itself tell's you all you need to know.
  9. These are on the main MSR, its a good point in real world obviously however the ones in game tend to be the reinforced large concreate bridges with the walkways either side. Im pretty confident ED are not at the stage of weight restrictions on bridges at this stage however so i think we are in the clear on that one.
  10. Bump 04/04/21 - Can anyone from ED confirm what is going on - after another 5 days of review this is causing chaos for ground units. Being reported now by numerous tac commanders on our server, this issue must also be affecting SP campaigns. Can we clarify if by accident we have reverted to some old code as this used to be a huge problem, or indeed is the bridge template been changed recently. Someting however is very different in the last month or two.
  11. Thanks Bignewy for the quick reply, however as i highlight i'm confident the team are confused and need to properly review and revisit their source information, somewhere, someone has got the information wrong. Its an easy transposition error if writing down hence why i stated the model numbers above. (9M311 to 9M133 or 9M113 is an easy human error which is the only reason i perceive they are claiming their work on the subject is correct). I know developers quite often have this we are correct mode, the whole A10 gun debarcle proved that, but in this instance they are incorrect again.
  12. Oh dear, all because the missile is made by KBP that make numerous missiles im wondering if there is some misunderstanding here. That company makes a whole host of arms from the Vikhr's to VSK94 Sniper rifles and various other cannons that can be found in the hands of various factions spread out accross the middle east. I think the research team have got confused which is understandable as the SA19 fires the 9M311, yet the same company makes the 9M133 that we know as the Spirragan (Kornet) which will indeed puncture and kill MBT's and are lethal to the latest operational armour the west has
  13. All in the manual and chucks guide, well worth studying.
  14. Need to read the manuals, they will help. Good luck.
  15. Would not want to attempt to fly MP in busy complex servers with anything less than 32Gb fast ram. Usual rules apply for VR, need to be on a fast SSD, 32GB+ ram, 4.6Ghz + CPU, GTX1080Ti / RTX 2080 minimum standard. As for the specific issue with rota blades? Not experienced this myself on the Huey, Mi8 or Ka50 and fly most of them daily.
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