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  1. @Uboats please can you review the attached track file. To note the tank in the asset pack has exactly the same issue i reported on the HQ7 and BMP some time ago - apologies its just that we have started using it and note is has severe issues. Please can you confirm logged and pass on for an urgent fix. ZtZ Test - Same problem as other chinese asset pack issues .trk
  2. What's also a concern is that since the Harm was released on the Viper something has changed with its seeker behaviour. Nothing to do with jettisoning however when firing harms will hit sam sites that are on green in ME pretty much 100% of the time. It's an issue
  3. Simple question - why when you uninstall a module and erase it from the ED module manager screen does it not actually delete the large folders within mods/aircraft. I noted as i tried a free module over the Christmas period and note that despite removing it from the game, the files remain. Also i note i've had this before with other modules that i've taken off such as the channel map (poor performance still and because of this it's not been taken up by the MP community so pointless 18Gb having it on the PC). Can you ensure if you delete a module, it deletes
  4. Hey thanks for the response but no not at all was being weird, was just highlighting to the other user who was critical saying i must never have used VR and have no experience, of which there is considerable irony in this statement. In no way am i elitist in my views and apologise as it was in no way meant to come across as "ive been simming longer etc" in any way shape or form - i'm merely asking that for those of that desire an increase in realism (or actually just back to the time before no dots) that this is not hard coded into the base game and its an option (for MP server sid
  5. LOL i'd exercise more respect my dear friend, whilst some of us are just sim guys these days in civvy street doesn't mean that because were in our mid 40's now and past it lol we don't have real experience in this area to make comparisons. If if real life you can see camouflaged ground units and spot things out to 25+ miles, especially in hot middle eastern environments then well my friend you either ate more carrots as a child than i did or your superhuman. In game we've got some people reporting 40 miles but i can only go from what i have seen in VR on a hot rig with high settings.
  6. Yea sorry i had dialogue with an ED representative when the white dots in the daylight issue appeared in November and it was communicated to me that the dev team had indeed brought in intentionally a spotting mechanism but alas it wasn't as they had expected it to perform. But yes the current dot issue im hoping is another case of its not turned out how they expected as surely it can't remain like this. In the last hour just taken a warbird up and wow the black dots at distace are about 5 times the size of the aircraft if not more.
  7. @nighthawk2174 Thanks for visually showing and they largely reinforce my point - i think it was on here or the other thread that praises how good the new system is i was stating its a disaster and that also light levels are also critical for spotting and greatly affects it along with climatic conditions (not shown in the graph lol). I'm not asking that this dot thing be taken away as some people are saying they can't see anything and in real life "they must" be able to see x object as its within 12 miles or whatever. Happy if it makes them happy to believe this. Clearly this dot
  8. Just to clarify my experience with consumer available simulators, i've been playing them on and off for 25 + years when able to do so. Yes i have had many gaps and the like over that timeframe but i have consistently been involved since 1997 and played when able to do so and back in the UK. I have been UK based for the last 5 years again and have played DCS consistently since then. I have been playing with VR for the last 5 years plus that includes beta testing on one of the original headsets. I have used and owned DK1, CV1, Rift S, Vive Pro, Reverb G2 and also Quest 2 now on order. I hav
  9. @Fri13PS and thanks for finding a graph that i was trying to explain verbally with this post. One thing i do agree on is the circa 7 mile range as i stated in my original post here and elsewhere. Its not hard and fast rule either with climatic conditions, time of day (light level) and the AO terrain below having a huge impact on this in real life.
  10. Exactly this an option is need for those that want the easy mode so it doesn't ruin the gameplay for those that play the game a bit more seriously. Settings needs to be server side as briefed for MP. What we cannot have is the current status quo. Its appalling. As for the monitor, i only fly VR also. All because a monitor may see further doesn't make that right either - that is my entire point. The current system in VR specially as you mention it is incorrect you can acquire units way to far out and too easily. Note new VR systems coming out are far more capable ho
  11. @Fri13 Could not agree more its equally disappointing on the ground perspective and WW2 now is super painful Beyond me why ED have gone down this road when its going to alienate the sector that this product is aimed at. Fine can understand trying to make it easier for people with little experience, new to DCS who are primarily after a gaming like experience but this should be an option in settings (set server side for MP) not hard coded in for those of us that prefer realism. I note most of the comments are people who have not commented much on the forums (like a few
  12. Ok so a couple of questions for you? How long have you played DCS and what's your history with simulators ? Say you could put yourself in the same situation in real life. What's your expectations of seeing a fighter sized aircraft say nose on visually with your mk1 eyeball, say if the threat is below you over terrain? Co Alt? What's your expectations in real life of seeing an IFV at say 20,000 feet what range would you expect to see this from. Lets say mountainous arid/desert terrain and vehicle would have appropriate camouflage scheme for its AO?
  13. @Pilot IkeI guess it depends on hardware and software configs also but i was spotting fighter sized aircraft depending on aspect out to 5 6 miles in VR perhaps further. I run a pretty high setup for VR resolution wise etc. I also have alot of hours airborne RL so appreciate the differences and difficulty of what they are trying to do. For me spotting ground unit's that come as black dots like what they have brought in December is just super gamey. There has to be a better solution. CAS is now hunt by dots again at range and shows up particularly bad on desert maps. Long live t
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