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  1. Can't say if it's realistic or not that the radar sweeps right to left instead of side to side in a back and forth manner, but that caught my eye too. I have confidence in the team behind the MiG-19 though. I notice Spud's cockpit is in English :D will certainly help mashing buttons, I mean, uhh, training. Also unless I'm blind or looking at the wrong spinny thing didn't that Farmer touch down at 300km/h?
  2. I haven't watched it yet (will shortly) but I saw in the Italian section an early access gameplay video that went to YouTube a few minutes ago. Edit: Watched the video now. Great to hear the release is still for this month, and still a mostly complete state! The cockpit has come far since the first WIP pictures so I'm excited to see what the new textures coming shortly after launch look like.
  3. One can definitely dream. Would love some WWII carrier aircraft and some pacific action, the Corsair is very much on my wishlist!
  4. With the (mainly US) naval aircraft we have and the updates coming for carrier ops, could it be a large ocean map with an island naval base in the middle? Maybe Wake Island, Hawaii with Pearl Harbour, the Ascension Islands etc.- and if it's just a few islands that need populating it wouldn't require as many resources to make and would justify it being free.
  5. Thanks for the help! I deleted the .lua for my HOTAS and it works now.
  6. Thanks for the info! Looking forward for more videos. Is it still due for release this month?
  7. Just bumping this. Has anybody else experienced light flickering when the noselight is on and shadows are off?
  8. Taken from: http://www.globalaircraft.org/planes/mig-25_foxbat.pl "Maximum acceleration (g-load) rating was just 2.2 g (21.6 m/s²) with full fuel tanks, with an absolute limit of 4.5 g (44.1 m/s²). One MiG-25 withstood an inadvertent 11.5 g (112.8 m/s²) pull during low-altitude dogfight training, but the resulting deformation decommissioned the airframe." I know the US were surprised when they got hold of the defected MiG-25 when they found out it wasn't as manoeuvrable as they first thought. And yes, rivets in places that wouldn't cause to much drag weren't flushed! Which makes sense tbh, but it's so spartan.
  9. Complaining about complaining about the voice over isn't helping the thread stay on topic either. Let this be the last time someone complains about complaining about complaining. :) Thank you for letting us have training videos before the release. If a full cold start and any weapon employment vids are on the way then I'm excited! Mad-MM I don't know if it's just a simple light but this is what's been said before about Sirena anyway: I'd assume it's just a light if it 'does not provide any other info'.
  10. 64,000lb unarmed weight. Welded by hand. Exposed rivets. Maximum g-load with full tanks 2.2G. Yeah, it's a brick!
  11. From the title I thought this thread was going to be a brief history of the MiG-19 :doh: Saw it on facebook, downloaded it. It's beautiful, thanks!
  12. Prowler says so. I'd assume complete means all systems are working. Can't wait for the Farmer if that's true.
  13. I'd complain that the RP-5 can't detect fighters further than 9km, but in the 50s that must've give you such an edge- see first, kill first.
  14. From their facebook: It's just so beautifully ugly, I don't know whether to punch it or let it produce my descendants.
  15. Afraid I have to agree on that one, and I really didn't want to. But they put effort into adding a narration and I do appreciate that sentiment. Overall though, good job with the video and thanks for allowing us to familiarise ourselves with the pit before we have the final product!
  16. Just seen there's the cockpit familiarisation in YouTube, I'll be sure to check that out.
  17. EDIT: just found another thread with this bug and a possible solution I missed the first time I looked, sorry! It's impossible to fly the Su-27 at the minute because there are no axis commands for pitch, roll, yaw or throttle- so I can't use my joystick. Does anyone else have this issue, or have an idea how to work around it? I still have axis commands for the other FC3 aircraft. Screenshots attached. Thanks!
  18. Don't know much about edge-of-space flight (it's a bit beyond my wallet) but it does seem many providers have upgraded to the 31 or 29 so it's probably more accurate to say until recently it's been used for high alt flight for civilians. Apologies. But a high fidelity 31 or 29 probably isn't gonna happen this decade :(
  19. It was designed as an interceptor, to counter the Valkyrie which we now know never entered service operationally- but Foxbats have a record of shooting down (and to be fair, being shot down by) a various mix of enemy aircraft. It's proven useful against F-4s, has sometimes held its own against F-15s by outrunning them and their missiles, and on one occasion IIRC shot down a USN F/A-18. Well aware that the Foxbat is nowhere near invincible though, F-14s have killed several, but it has had some combat effectiveness beyond bomber interception.
  20. I know the Russian government does push against high fidelity Russian aircraft, but hopefully with the Foxbat being out of Russian service and it first flying in '64 (before the introduction of the MiG-21 bis we have in DCS) an exemption could be made. Probably just wishful thinking?
  21. That's true, although a combat radius of 300km would fit into a DCS map fine it could stretch to about 1,200km at a push, and at a speed that defeats its purpose.
  22. Capable of speeds around mach 3. Capable of speeds above if you wanted to return with damaged engines. Made mainly from stainless steel. Developed a reputation of being better than it actually is, but by no means incapable in reality. Appearance prompted performance increases to the F-15 which was still being developed. On of the highest flying, fastest flying jet aircraft ever, and is today probably the fastest serially produced manned aircraft flying operationally. Still flies in civilian sector doing 'edge of space' flights. Reportedly still in military service in Algeria, Libya, and in Syria. Has seen combat in Syria, Libya, the Iran-Iraq war, the Persian Gulf War, and has been exported to ~12 countries. Also it looks awesome Rambling now over, who wants one?
  23. I agree Normandy can be quite plain, and in anything besides a warbird it's quite small. Sounds daft using anything besides a WWII prop in Normandy, but I find the airfields and the topography to make for slightly more immersive Sabre/MiG 15 play than the Caucasus. I think the Sabre and MiG-15 need some love though which is why I hope the free map might be based around MiG Alley.
  24. I wouldn't object to new WWII maps, I love the warbirds. WWII didn't bring me to DCS by any means, but it's definitely kept me here! Now if the Caucasus got expanded to include Crimea, it'd certainly satisfy me. Imagine the long range missions you could do. Personally I'd like it if they expanded the map a little above and below as well, so you have more options besides flying over the sea- but any Caucasus expansion would be welcome! Little OT, my wishlist would be endless if it went beyond just my top 3, but the 104 is on there!
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