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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everybody. After 6 months this ought to have been fixed officially. What's the point of having the canopy open for better visibility during taxi/takeoff/landing if opening the canopy doesn't offer better visibility? (OT but it'd be nice to be able to move the pilot's head a little outside an open canopy too)
  2. Happy to see that with the speed the MiG-19 has been developed with and the late changes from feedback, that the care is being taken to consolidate that development before release. Am very much looking forward to hopping into an aircraft feature-complete and relatively bug free!
  3. Foreseeable news with all the recent changes, but understand the need to have a polished release. Think it's the right decision and regardless still looking forward to the 19!
  4. I wish I lived at Duxford too! And had a fighter collection :D
  5. Birko

    When ?

    I'd expect about US$49.99 similar to the other high-fidelity MiG's, but we'll see. Haven't got high hopes for tomorrow, but I'll be watching!
  6. Birko

    When ?

    Promising update, thank you!
  7. Birko

    When ?

    Wouldn't be surprised if the release is postponed. I'm looking forward to this bird whenever it comes, but here's hoping for this month!
  8. IIRC, yes there'll be an English cockpit available.
  9. There's nothing left to discuss about VEAO anymore, but discussions about topics brought up by this situation can be directed better elsewhere. In agreement about locking the subforum so the info is still visible but no additions can be made.
  10. It would be great if someone on the Spitfire team (is it ED?) give an update? I understand if this is hard to fix that other items may take priority, but if this is going to be time consuming could we be given a stopgap such as- as mentioned before- reflection removal?
  11. Before, we'd heard the (beeeaautiful btw) updated pit textures were coming after release but Redkite mentioned it's being implemented before, is that true? Great, concise, well-edited video!
  12. The F-14 in fact is older than the MiG-31 F-14 First flight: 21st December 1970 Entered service: 1974 with VF-1 and VF-2, USS Enterprise MiG-31 First flight: ~1975 Entered service: ~1982 But the MiG-25 is older than both, and hopefully old and, dare I say it?- obsolete enough to get data on to reproduce faithfully.
  13. When the Russians trained Chinese pilots to fly the MiG-15 in the Korean War, it took almost twice as long as it took to train their native Russian pilots, even with translators. I'd assume it was a similar situation with the MiG-19's.
  14. I saw one of these I think at Duxford one year, it was something I'd never heard of before and it captivated me. What is it, like a light attack aircraft? For a spectator on the ground it looks like something that could've been from the later years of WWII.
  15. Thanks for the info! Interesting to hear about missiles and the way Fox(bat/hound)s are controlled. But it's probably fairly true the Tomcat would have the advantage. Though they do only fly operationally in Iran in limited numbers now, measured in the 10s rather than 100s, and the Foxhound would have a reasonable chance of surviving an engagement which is still pretty decent. But with F-14s having fought (and by the sounds of it, most of the time, won) against Foxbats before, there'd be some interesting even if one-sided dogfights to recreate.
  16. I hadn't noticed it in other aircraft because I've been too busy as of late to be flying more than one aircraft, so thanks for bringing that to my attention!
  17. The F-14 could possibly rival a Foxhound, after all aren't they both the only 2 aircraft in service that can launch long range AA missiles IIRC? Foxhound has the speed, Tomcat has the flexibility. It's like a shuriken vs a swiss army knife. A trainer vs a half-length boot. A hammer, vs a multi-purpose but slight worse at being a hammer, hammer, except it can land on aircraft carriers. Maybe. I haven't a clue, and it's getting late :lol: Would love a Foxhound but I feel it's less likely than a Foxbat because of its age and service status. I'd take either, and if it ever came to pass, both!
  18. If other people are getting this too, then I hope someone can pick up on this and fix it soon! Have a good day everyone.
  19. Preferring the more natural, more intelligible accent, but also glad that it's still possible for criticism to be taken with a good dose of humour! :D Mad respect for the voice guy! I'd speculate the reserved vids are gonna be: -Taxi and takeoff -Landing -Navigation -Radar -Guns and gunsight -Missiles -Bombs -Rockets Looking forward to them! The vids so far haven't failed to teach or entertain! Go easy on the poor western sympathisers at the komsomol meeting :thumbup:
  20. The cockpit wall is very striking, it just looks so... metal.
  21. IIRC the S-5K can penetrate ~130mm of rolled homogeneous armour, but take anything I spout with a pinch of salt! I have no clue what variant of the S-5 the MiG-19 used however, part of the reason I fly aircraft in DCS is to learn more about them. If it's launched down from the air I imagine a rocket or a a salvo could at least occasionally penetrate the thinner upper armour of most tanks of the time, if it hit that is.
  22. Ah that's so interesting, thanks for sharing!
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